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We'll be back - 20/02/09
I've just released a new version of my PHP File Manager. It contains all the bare bones of a file upload/download script, plus some nifty extras like a recursive folder delete, multiple file uploads, directory stats and password protection. You can check it out on the examples page.

As you probably noticed, things have been moving pretty slowly lately, what with A-Levels/University/joining the military being somewhat major distractions. I'd like to remind everyone though that we've not completely abandoned you: when things are less hectic in our outside lives we'll come back and finish what we started, I promise. We've got some excellent things planned for the new site when it's launched, and one of these days we will release the Zelda Bomberman demo, the 3D maze game, Jam, and all the other so-very-nearly-finished projects.

Stay with us, we'll see you soon.

- mit [read previous updates]

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Welcome to Kousou Games. Our goal: independent design - be it in programming, graphics, music, or words. Check out the links down the side - there's sure to be something you'll enjoy.

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Amidst a Storm by mitxela It was a dreary, miserable night. Rain pattered down all around like an ambient muffle, a constant drone of drizzle. Jack's eyes hadn't moved in over an hour. He just sat there, gazing out aimlessly into the clouds as the raindrops pitter-pattered on his head. His thoughtful stare was broken when thunder cracked above. He hadn't seen the lightning. He shivered, realizing he was freezing, and decided to head home. Standing up was a chore his muscles were achi... [Read on]

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