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I need to apologise for anyone I have offended in writing this article, and hope they can respect my opinion as I respect theirs in consoles to follow, who's better than what and in life in general. If you disagree with what is said, put your thoughts into words in a mature way and comment, tell me, so I can consider your views. Please don't comment without reading the entire article though, because it starts off fairly nasty.


I am not a fanboy.
I am not anti-fanboy.

But, for some reason, everyone considers me a fanboy. I don't quite understand why things got like this.
I have a DS, GBA, GC, N64, and every other Nintendo console post dating the Snes, inclusive. However, I have never, EVER said anything BAD about rivals in the gaming market. Why did I choose The Big N? I haven't chosen anything.
I buy the games that I like. For obvious financial reasons I don't strain to buy all the consoles, but due to others in my family and students at the University where my dad works, (and lectures tediously on about business studies and video games), I have played nearly all the consoles. Nearly. Why I stick with Nintendo is because I own their consoles, and so buy games for them, and because through playing them I realise and understand that it's best to stick with them.
I never say anything good or bad about Sony. I don't care what others use to entertain themselves. (I do care, though, although I usually wouldn't say so, about Nintendo and hope they are successful simply as I like a company and wish for them to continue to go on, for my benefit. But that isn't the point.)
When I see the PSP in shop windows, and people making huge fusses over it, more than the DS, it does stir me, but I never say so. It stirs me for my respect and pity for Nintendo, not that I am a fanboy. The angry thing, the thing that DOES make me hate Sony for, nothing bad against them, is that the people who follow them, not always, not everyone, but, from my experience, they tend to down Nintendo. It makes them happy. Let me tell you the story of my friends at school.
None of them had anything of Ninty's creation. They all had PS2s. One by one, I showed them and encouraged them to see there was just as good a console called the Gamecube.
Point being, in a years time they all had Gamecubes as well. I showed them, and changed their views. Before, they genuinely believed and repeatedly said "Nintendo is crap", ad i would ask, just as I question every unjust quote; "Why?", and they would reply "Ha, you like Nintendo and it's doing badly, ha ha!!". I can't believe how immature anyone can get, but it's always like this, just like everything else.
My 'friend' would call someone "gay" as an insult. And NATURALLY, DEFENDING THE INNOCENT, I jokingly said: "Now, now, there's nothing wrong with being Gay". And immediately, they all said there's everything wrong with it, and I would say "why?", and they would say that I was gay. Nothing wrong with that, but point being that they stereotypically viewed me as an enemy because they had no actual argument. (Well, they spoke of man to man love being wrong, but to an alien there's nothing different between that than man to woman love. Point is that they chose the majority side, if they had been brought up differently, I'm sure that they would have thought being gay was fine. )


This all changed, I thought. They had seen that there was naught incorrect with Nintendo and had left their views of "The majority is this, so we support this and Down anyone doesn't, even without argument.".

But no.

These are actual quotes.
"The PSP is coming out in September, w00t! Soooo much better than your DS, DS sucks!!"
"I imported the PSP, it whips the DS' ass!!" - "Have you played the DS?" - "You've got one, it sucks!" (IE, no, he'd watched me playing it from an angle where you can't see the screen.)
I could go on with these, you've probably heard a lot of them already, or think that way, but what would that achieve?
And so I was alone in the world of appreciating consoles for what they were. Until I joined the web forums I've twisted my way into now. All the others like me though, who shared my views, views as in being mature about respecting opinions, all owned Nintendo consoles. None were Sony only.
Now maybe I'm wrong. Definitely wrong, most of you will say.
If I have offended you, sorry.
If my examples are "one-off-chances" then what does it matter? It's the surroundings that drove me to Nintendo, and is what drove most of you to Sony. If what I write is wrong, in your opinion, I respect that, and will continue to respect that, until you take action against me.
But the reason for my writing is the first point - I DON'T CARE, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. I don't care what others think of me. I don't care what consoles win and which consoles lose (well, I do, but...). I don't care what you think of what you think of my article, or of the consoles and fanboys. If others do, then write your own article. (and submit it to Kousou Games, :D)
You shouldn't care what i think. You should play games to have fun and enjoy life.

From all around the world, mitxela signing off. I'll be back tomorrow with a Zelda review.

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Author: mitxela
This page was uploaded on 16/10/05

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