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January's random article
from the twisted mind of mitxela


Hello all.

Well, right now, I'm feeling rather down. First of all, today I snapped the bridge off my electric violin twice, and broke the lowest string. No biggy.

Secondly, I've had a ton more homework set and it gives me barely any time to program at all. Oh, how we all hate school. >__>

And now, I'm sitting at my desk writing this article on my laptop because my desktop PC is going through a fetid mutation process into some sort of vegtable from south Asia. I can't play Mario Kart:DS online because my router turned its back on me after my brother gave it the "If it don't connect, shake it around a bit" treatment.

Let's be honest, we've made little or no progress gamewise this week at all. The JZ game is still lacking any items at all because we haven't got a story together because we haven't got enough cameos plotted down, and as far as I'm concerned, we haven't got to our "10%" mark yet. Not for what I had planned for this game, anyway.

I just failed at making a flash movie. It sucked more than the news of Zelda:Twighlight Princess being delayed. Well, maybe not that much, but it was worse than both of the ones on the main page put together.

So, how can I cheer myself up? One way - I've recently found - is to have an audio conversation to five or more people at once. It always works like a treat.
But I don't have time, too much homework. Grr.

I should be doing it now, but no, I'm writing this article. And just a few moments earlier, I made a new background for Kousou Games, Yay! I think we can refer to it as the Redefiner of Simplicity. In a bad way.

On the navigation menu, as some of you may have noticed, is a new affiliates thing. Hover your mouse over their link, and miraculously, their logo appears above. And, better still, if you're not a supporter of stopie.com then you may also have noticed that the menu links higlight the whole row when you hover your mouse over them. However, the script used is not compatible with FireFox, it seems.

In a different tone, the DS lite has been announced. The designer of which had serious litriture imparements and I haven't met a single person who plans on getting it. I probably will, just to write a review and look like a fanboy, even though I don't want that.
The DS lite could be a lot better though, you must admit. It's only been a year since the original, proving that they simply are doing it to make their console look better when compared to Sony's. I can't argue with that, but, they should have waited. It is true that everyone I've ever talked to has said that looks are the worst part of the DS, but the DS lite isn't that much better. If Nintendo were to wait until they could make it, say, *twenty one* percent lighter, perhaps it would make all the difference.

Who am I to complain? Their sales graph would only benefit from this, because of the people, like me, who are most likely going to get both. They had better release it in black, though. With bright blue LED lights. When placed next to my Micro, it looses by one thousand, three hundred and thirty seven to one.

And thus ends my pessimistic ranting of meteors in my every day life. Glad you all got to know me that tinsee bit better. Maybe I should add more articles like this, and possibly convert the whole site into a blog about me. Or, better still, not do that at all.


Author: mitxela
This page was uploaded on 20/01/06

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