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KousouGames - one year on by master K.

So… it’s been one year since it all began, since ZeldaGaiden created the ClicDev forum ‘Master K Gamers’ on the 17th of October where ZeldaGaiden and I shared an account. The staff we had there were myself, ZeldaGaiden, Necco20, Trinest and Alan the pigeon. For some reason, we didn’t like it so moved to the simpler InvisionFree forums on the 2nd of November (a decision I later regretted, but very few members wanted to move back) where ZeldaGaiden and I got our own accounts and the name changed to ‘Master K’s Games’, all our current staff were fired. Soon afterwards we got a new admin named Sniper, though at that time it was very easy to get into the staff, as was demonstrated by several new staff members; Djcube, Iceman, Maken, Smithie, Valay5 and Saviour of Hyrule (who was quickly demoted due to inactivity) also my cousin mit joined as our fourth admin. Then for a while nothing happened, apart from mit losing an internet connection.
At Christmas time mit had come to visit me and we made some decisions; up until then ZeldaGaiden had been in charge of the main site, but mit and I decided that when mit got an internet connection back we would get a paid domain name, then we would get a new name, as ‘Master K’s Games’ didn’t sound very professional, so deciding to have a Japanese name we eventually chose ‘Kousou Games’ (which people seem to have trouble pronouncing/spelling ‘Koo-soo games’ being a favourite). Mit soon went home, and it was at that time there were a series of hackings, the second most serious of which I was away for on January the 30th, but ZeldaGaiden had the help of Atrius, who was temporarily admined and solved the problem, from then on he became a Gmod. We could not work out who was the hacker, some people thought it was Iceman as he had the same IP as the hacker, but there was no real proof for this, so it would be unreasonable to demote him, plus there were plenty of other people who could’ve done it.
Then, there was the big one on the 6th of February. Every member deleted bar two- Iceman and myself, this raised more accusations, but if Iceman was the hacker, why would he leave his account intact? He wouldn’t, was my answer.
This hacking, however, gave us an opportunity for change; Smithie and Valay5 left the company, the other staff all rejoined, but ZeldaGaiden became a Gmod to reduce a hacking risk, and Sniper didn’t want to be admin anymore, so he also became a Gmod, also, fortunately mit had his internet back, so KousouGames was now up and running.
Over the next few weeks Sniper was demoded for inactivity, KousouGames went through two skins, Solemn Gamer Forever joined the team, ZeldaGaiden said he didn’t want to be a mod until we could stop his posts being edited and that was about it until the Summer holidays when Djcube (then ‘cube’) quit, Maken (then ‘Daz’) was fired, but still, business was booming. We had two affiliates, recovered from the hacking and were looking for a new staff member, which we got after affiliating with two more sites. He is Trank, and he is our music composer. This leads us up to now, we now have two skins to choose from, a poll, and will soon be getting some more affiliates and (hopefully) some more active members, there are also several people enquiring about joining the team.

Staff- past and present (In order of joining time and their jobs/achievements, if they still work for us)

1. master K- Co-founder, lead designer, programmer. Still a member.
2. ZeldaGaiden- Co-founder, website designer, having several name changes (currently Reshter), the account that was hacked. Has left.
3. Alan the pigeon- Was supposed to be a mod, but didn’t do anything. Has left.
4. Trinest- Was supposed to be a mod, but didn’t do anything. Has left.
5. Necco20- Was supposed to be an admin, but didn’t do anything. Has left.
6. Djcube- First mod to actually do something, made one game, tester, had a name change (cube). Has left.
7. Iceman- Mod, was making some games but the files got erased. Still a member.
8. Sniper- Admin, posted quite a lot, after the hacking he became a mod, then went inactive. Has left.
9. Mit- Admin, Website designer, image designer, lead programmer, lead designer did not become active until just before the hackings. Still a member.
10. Smithie- Designer, Smithie left soon after Valay5, he had a name change (Darklight). Has left.
11. Valay5- Programmer, he left soon before the big hacking. Has left.
12. Maken- Was supposed to get resources but never did anything. Has left.
13. Saviour of Hyrule- Tester, went inactive before he could test anything. Has left.
14. Atrius- Lead programmer, mod, game designer. Still a member.
15. SolemnGamerForever- Programmer, mod, graphics designer. Still a member.
16. Stijin- Music designer. Still a member.

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Author: emkay
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