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Well, just got Rome: Total War. It's a great game. So, lets start with...

The Battle of Carrhae

In 55 BC, Marcus Licinius Crassus had just finished serving his joint-consul year with Pompey. At the time, Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar had a powerful triumvirate that all but controlled Rome. Being part of this group, Crassus had a great desire to bring glory to his name. He had seen no action since his defeat of Spartacus nearly 20 years earlier. Crassus drew out the maps of the Roman Empire looking for a target to attack, and he felt that the most glorious target would be Parthia (Persia). Many members of the Roman Senate tried to dissuade him from this course of action, but Caesar and Pompey stood firmly behind him and the senate relented.

Crassus arrived in Syria in late 55 BC, with aid of Hellenic settlements in Syria and support of Artavasdes the Armenian king he marched directly to the Parthian mainland instead of attacking from the mountains of Armenia. In response, the Parthian king Orodes II, divided his army and sent half which were infantry troops to punish the Armenians, and sent the other half which were cavalry units to combat Crassus. The two armies subsequently encountered each other near the town of Carrhae.

First of all, most of the Roman cavalry were cought in an ambush and destroyed quickly by Parthian cavalry.

So, I gain controll from this point. My troops, in tortoise formation, were surrounded by cavalry archers, and I only had 2 units of cavalry. On top of this, 2 units of Partian cavalry were charging at my infantry. I got my spearmen in front, and got them out of tortoise formation to brace for the impact of the cavalry. I then send my cavalry at the Partian archers. Supprisingly, in the game the archers used the same tecnique that made them win the real-life battle - running away from my troops, turning and letting off arrows.

And then a big mess of war appears

Then I send my cavalry on a swift run to break the ranks of the enemy cavalry

And swinging round to chase some archers. This attracts the attention of a unit of cavalry, who follow. Knowing the danger I tell my men to turn around. and CRUNCH

After those were dealt with, I start chasing the archers around

2 enemy units remain, holding back (including the coward of a general). I send my whole army running at them. My cavalry get there first, which was a mistake, as most of my cavalry were killed. My general, Crassus, and the one remaining horseman, flee from the battle.

And so, my infantry plough through the cavalry, finishing them off.

The result? A clear victory. Sort-of. With my half if my army dead, and the genaral in hiding, the invasion of Parthia must stop here.

Still, I did much better than Crassus did himself. His army was mostly wiped out, the rest enslaved. Crassus survived the battle, but was soon executed. Molten gold was poured down his throat. So, with the odds against me, I did rather well.

Another battle report soon.

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