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A healthy doseage of action and drama
by mitxela, mwhahaha!

"It's over."

He stood there in fear. His clothes draped down, skewed by his posture. His dark and dampened look showed how little he had left. His back was slightly bent, his arms were pointing at the ground and his hands were out of sight. His hair was smeared with his own blood.

But his face was what might draw the most attention. Young, as he was, yet in his eyes had thrice what most people see in a lifetime been carved. His mouth was open, although he might not have noticed it. His face showed everything that he had: everything except hope.

His feet pounded silently through the soles of ragged shoes. The unnaturally gleaming floor smiled at him, its range spanning from edge to edge of the platform. Behind him was an escape unreachable; a door. To his sides were the magnetically throbbing tracks now mute from their previous glory. And in front of him was the slide that was his opponent; superior in every way.

This new entrant to the scene had the first character engraved into the atmosphere. She was dominant of everything, the area was hers. Her feet were perfectly positioned onto the tiles. Her image was straight and aligned. Her body was turned so that her shoulders could see clearly at the target – one arm away, one arm towards. One arm down, one arm level. Level, and possessing the item which bewitched her with such power.

Her very soul carried a darkness with it, manually imprinted on the room. Her face was in complete shadow, but the man knew who she was. They both knew what was to come. She rested her thumb upon the lever.

In her hand was a gun. The barrel was but an extension to her arm, the rest was part of it.

Time began to play games with them.

He forced a blink; his eyes were screaming but he had previously had no strength to move them. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. Everything was focused on the gun, nothing else mattered anymore, nothing else existed anymore. He could only watch as the figure pulled upon the lever.

It emanated an elemental click. The world lost focus upon everything, but this. It was the only sound that existed, rivalled only by the increasing heartbeat of the man. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t beg for anything, the only thing he had was the gift he had just received from Time. Time had stopped.

He couldn’t move, breathe or sense anything. He could only think.

“I need you”

She felt it. She felt it as if she had just been shot by a thousand arrows. Her presence fell, her dominating stance lost all of its grace. She almost died herself.

But she didn’t move. She just stood there, trying to hold back a tear that grew so painfully slowly it ripped apart her mind. They both felt it.

The gap was lost. Screaming, she pulled the trigger five times. A dreadful silence followed.

One by one, she opened her eyes and saw it. The man still stood there, his eyes closed also. Her eyes wandered cautiously over the wall behind him; to each side of the door there were two bullet-holes, one above and below each of the man’s arms. And there, in the middle, was a bullet hole within the door. The man, jolting, moved his head down, and saw the precisely carved tunnel of blood straight through his heart. He hadn’t registered the pain, there was none to be felt. His effort drained rapidly as he tried to lift his arms, worsened by the speed Time had given the moment. He eventually fell to his knees, hovered for a moment, and dropped to his hands; unable to support him. He slid quietly to the ground.

Author: mitxela
This page was uploaded on 16/05/06

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