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Well, we had to write something for open day, but I couldn't think of anything, so i decided to edit a story I wrote in Year 9. Then decided to post it on the Internet as well. Enjoy.

Assassination mode.

Holland - Jim was late for work. He knew he couldn’t be late otherwise he may never work again. He arrived at the tall building and looked at his watch, he was just on time. Drenched in sweat Jim rushed to the “Employees only” lift and pressed the 10F button. He stepped out of the chrome lift and started to head to his office but was interrupted by his boss.
“JIM!” the boss shouted “Get here now.”
“Yeh… yessir” Jim stammered, he hurried into the office. What could be so important?
“Good morning Jim, I have a job for you. You’re going to visit the world president.” He said craftily, Jim froze; this could by the most important job of his life, maybe his last. After a pause he spoke
“Uh… sir… are you sure I’m right for this job? I mean Alex is a - ” but his boss cut in
“Jim you’ll do fine, get the next plane to Cuba you’ll get all you need there.”
Cuba - David, the leader of the President’s security, was explaining about threats to the President, because of this David had decided to bring in a new body guard, to sit in a room before the President’s and stop any intruders that managed to get that far.
“Okay, Mr. President, here he is.” A huge ape-like man stepped in through the door and grinned. Surely, nobody could get past him.
Holland - Jim boarded his private plane and sat down, the plane soon took off. Jim tried to sleep but couldn’t get one nagging thought off his mind- if the World President survived then he wouldn’t leave alive, if he succeeded in the assassination then it was still likely that he would die.
Cuba - The plane finally arrived at its destination and Jim wasted no time in finding his contact, who was at the edge of a cliff.
“This is Jim VanDahl, code ‘00eetr45hj’”
“Hello Jim,” the man said “The president’s building is below. Parachute down and enter through the top. Good luck.” And with that he handed Jim a gun then blew up, fortunately not blowing up Jim.
Jim, equipped with a parachute took a deep breath and jumped. He found the fall terrifying, having a phobia of heights but landed safely on the roof and searched for an entrance. He found one. It was an air vent, he used his screwdriver to take away the grate and crawled in. He got to the end and hoped this was the right room. It wasn’t. This room had a huge man in it.
“Jon!” said Jim surprised.
“Jim!” said Jon equally surprised.
“Are you guarding the President?” asked Jim. Jon nodded. “O.K.” sniffed Jim, “I’m sorry old friend…” and with a tear in his eye he shot Jon in the head. Jon slumped to the ground retaining his surprised look but blood was spewing out of his head. Jim sneaked on knowing he couldn’t let emotion take over. He entered the World President’s room, took aim and shot before the President had time to react. Jim hurried away with only escape on his mind. Then he glanced at Jon’s body and thought “No, I’ll turn myself in.”
He entered a room of soldiers who had been called in with the break-in. Knowing he was dangerous, the jumpy soldiers shot. The force knocked Jim against the wall. He looked up, his vision blurry, and there was a soldier approaching carefully. Jim smiled. He had got what he deserved. Dying didn’t even hurt much. He wondered why people were so afraid of it. He looked up at the soldier and whispered weakly “Don’t worry, I deserved it.” He smiled, closed his eyes and died.

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Author: emkay
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