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Merlock Dolmes

The expensive Bentley turned the corner and drove up the drive. It stopped jerkily, a man in a white suit climbed out of one side out of the other a woman in an expensive white dress. They walked up the tiled path to the door the man knocked loudly on the door it swung open and a tall figure greeted them
“Ah mister Merlock and Miss Jane are here” he shouted back into the house “Welcome, come in” he moved out of the way and the two people walked in
“Oh you’re here!” it was Rocky, Merlock’s cousin she ran up and hugged him “How’s the detective business?” she asked.
“Great”, he lied, as he hadn’t solved one case so far. “Oh, this must be David.” they shook hands.
An old lady walked by “Oh I wouldn’t shake hands with him…he’s a nasty piece of work, well hello Merlock anyway” she walked off.

That night David woke up he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, he went in closed the door but forgot to lock it. He started washing his face someone crept in and stabbed him in the back he shouted out with pain but no one heard then the figure shuffled out of the room.

The next day Jane went to the bathroom, she opened the door and screamed with surprise Merlock, Rocky, the butler and the maid came running when Rocky saw David’s dead body she ran off crying, the maid ran after her trying to calm her down, the butler followed. Merlock thought “Right” he said “We must find the murder weapon Jane suggested they should look in Katherine the mother’s, room, and strangely they found the murder weapon they then decided to do a reconstruction with Jane as David and Merlock as the killer.
“Right, now we know how and what weapon was used, now we need to find out who did it.”

That night as part of the plan Rocky was winding everyone up including Merlock and Jane. That night Jane was to watch over Rocky while Merlock would wait for the signal but it didn’t come so Merlock went to see for himself what was happening he crept in the room and saw a figure with a knife over Rocky he wondered where Jane was he turned on the light and there was his answer Jane was the murderer
“Wh... why?” Merlock asked
“I killed David because he wouldn’t love me and I was about to kill her because she would find me out eventually” and with that she jumped out of the window to her death
Rocky woke up just in time to see this happen she looked at him she got up and hugged him then Merlock explained everything. They had a little chat and Rocky made him fell a lot better. The next week David had his funeral there were over 100 people there.

Yeah, so I wrote this when I was like, 14. I didn't plan things well enough, so the story turned out a bit strange. Rocky is
the nickname of the girl I was sitting next to in the English lesson at that time. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I was
stuck for names in this story. >_>

Part four of the 'old and crappy things written by emkay' series.
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Author: emkay
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