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Chapter 1

Link: hi, i'm link.
*well duh*
Link: As i was saying, Saving the world is a tough job. I need a holiday.*cough*Vacation. The problem is, there are no planes in Hyryle. So i have to ride epona to the bus station.
*Plays Epona's song*
Link: Hey there, old chum.
Epona: Neyhehe. I don't like you calling me that.
Link: I like your hair too. Let's go.
Link: Planet earth, here we come!
Capten N: Why don't you just take a portal, like you did in the cartoons?
Link: I'm not that sensible.
Capten N: Well, ok then mr. yellow hair.
Link: don't call me that. I don't like you any more.
Capten N: That's my point, i don't like your hair.
*Link stabs Capten N*
Link: that should learn em!
Zelda: Teach them, you mean?
Link: where did you come from?
Zelda: You can't leave me on my own in Hyryle with Gannon.
Link: I was trying to tske a break from protecting you.
Zelda: I don't like you anymore.
Link: I like your hair too. Let's go.
*Arives at bus station*
Guard: No dogs, sorry.
Link: Geez, epona, guess you better stay here.
Epona: Neyheyhey I'm a horse, not a dog, you moblin
Link: That's irelevent. However fast you can run, that doesn't mean you can come with us.
Zelda: I think she said that...
Link: Don't tell me what she said. I can understand her like i understand the quantom theory.
Zelda: But she said...
Epona: Neyhey heyhey I don't need anyone to talk for me, exept this italic writing
Link: Oh, why didn't you say! Go on then!
Epona: Ney I'm sorry?
Link: Don't pull out now, Hit him with your rythym stick!
Zelda: what are you on?
Link: I have no idea. Other than i've been taking these pills.
*hold up bottle containing a big poe*
Zelda: That's not a pill! that's a poe!
Link: I knew i'd catch one someday... bloody poes... so hard to shoot...
Zelda: I'm leaving.
Link: Bye, see you soon!
Zelda: i meant that in a negative way.
Link: You know what? I'm getting really tired of your excuses, Zelda.
Zelda: Meh!
Link: Bye! Giddyup!
*Gets onto bus*

Chapter 2

Link: hey im back, wohoo!
Epona: Neyheyhey You never went anywhere.
Link: Shut up about the hair now, it's getting boring.
Man in white suit: Hey, who wants a lolypop?
Link: You're not a pedofile, are you?
Man in white suite: of course not, im here to take you to a mental hospital.
Link: oh yea? well how come it says "peedo" on your swimming trunks?
Man in white suit: That says "speedo".
*draws sword*
Link: The world needs to be saved from people like you. Goodbye!
Man in white suit: No, i'll be seeing you in a strapejacket.
Link: no... No.... NOOOOO!......
*drags away*
Iceman: I told you so.
Iceman: You can't make me say things! im not even in this!
*hits himself over head*
Iceman : Stop it! i hate you!
Zelda: Will you shut up about the hair?
Epona: NeyheyHEYheyhey This plot made no sense! Tell the people! it's not over yet! It's just crap that you listen to because the zelda logo has been slapped onto it! without permision!
Zelda: If you don't stop going on about that, i WILL give you a haircut.


Meanwhile ...

Link: I can break out of this with my sword, that they forgot to remove from me.
*Breaks out*

Link: Eh hee hee. Now to save the world!

Back in hyrule
Gannon: If it wasn't for that pesky little boy, Link, this realm would be mine. Where is he now?
Moblin: He's on vacation, sir.
Gannon: Excelent... Mwhahahahahahaha ahaHAHAHA!!!
Moblin: He'll be back on tuesday, sir.
Gannon: But Even if we don't sleep, That gives us only.. 72 hours!
It's a story. It's doesn't have to be in time with real life.
Moblin: Let's get going then!

On the bus
Zelda: Link's gone, you can talk normally now.
Epona: Well that's a relief. So how are things?
Zelda: A bit stropy actually. Link's in a bit of a mood, all we wanted was a holiday. And Naru knows where he is now.
Epona: I know how you feel. Brownie used to be like that sometimes.
Zelda: Yea... And my dress is gonna get ruined but this rain.
Epona: We're on a bus.
Zelda: Rather than argueing, Let's try to engoy the holiday.
Epona: Sure thing.

Chapter 3

72 hours remain

Gannon: So.. to take over the realm, i need the triforce. And to get the triforce... who has the triforce?
Moblin: Link, sir.
Gannon: and where is he?
Moblin: He's on vacation, sir.
Gannon: Blast!
Moblin: He'll be back on tuesday, sir.
Gannon: Oh yes. I do have a rather short memory span. We'll wait for them to get back.

Mario: It's a me, mario!
Epona: Go away, you looser.
Mario: Ok-a, someone's in a-bad-a mood-a!
Epona: SHUT IT, ok?
Mario: jeez... k... hey a horse!
*Epona kicks mario*
Mario:*off into distance* Team roket blasting off again...
Team rocket: That's our moto!
Team Magma: It's our moto now. Eh hee hee.
Team Aqua: *off into distance* Team Aqua blasting off again!...
master K: lol... again?
mit: nope. shut up.

48 hours remain

After 24 hours in uter boredom, Gannon is begining to lose his touch...
Gannon: Oh yes.. yes.. yes.. ooh! we can take over the world together! yes.. yes.. Ooh! it will be fun to rule the world, won't it? won't it?
Moblin: I supose it will, sir.
Gannon: Oh yes.. hee hee hee... my my, won't it be fun?
Moblin: Sir, may I ask the reason why your voice is so high?
Gannon: Ooh i don't know! yes! yes!! i will rule the world!! mu hee hee hee hee a mu HEE HEE HEE!!
Moblin: Terms and conditions apply, sir.
Gannon: well that too... I guess.

Link: A moblin! I'll hit it with my rythym stick!
Moblin: *sarcastic* oh no. not the rythym stick.
Link: A yeea!
*hits with rythym stick*
Moblin: OW! GOD! MY EYE!! HOLY ******* **** **** AND *** IT *****ING ****** MY EYE! IM BLIND! IM ****ING BLIND! CURSE YOU RYTHYM STICK!
Link: That'll learn 'em.
Zelda: What are you doing here? We're suposed to be on holiday.
Link: Ok, lets go.

24 hours remain

Gannon: At last!
Moblin: 24 hours remain, sir.
Link: Oh no! Gannon!
Gannon: wha?
Link: We just had to pick a holiday destination in brazil.
Gannon: How did you find out my secret lair was in brazil? And book a hotel in it?
Link: Well, maybe if you haddn't posted in the newspaper :

The finest in resorts

We offer a range of hotels, all in beautiful Brazil!
You won't find a better deal for holiday packages!

Gannon: Well, Everyone needs food. Come on! When my world-capture schems fail, i need money! Every able body should work! or set up a hotel buisness.
Link: You're a christion?
Gannon: Oh yea. Anyway, GIVE ME THE TRIFORCE!!!!
Link: but an evil soul can't be a cristion.
Gannon: yea... so?
Link: An evil soul can't use the triforce.
Gannon: really? um.. oh.. oh... um... i see.... well... i guess... i better rule the world for good then.... ok.... lets be friends, yea?
Link: Okay, then.
*shakes hand*
Sonic: Hi, im here for no reason.
Tails: me too. let's go home.
Sonic: No! let's take a look around.
Zelda: Shut up!
Sonic: whu?
Link: Yea you 'eard!
Zelda: You too link!
Link: meh...
Zelda: Link, pull your socks up and start saving the world!
Link: um...
Zelda: And sonic? Get back in your own game!
Sonic: Fine...
Tails: wohoo!
Zelda: Epona! HORSES CAN'T TALK! so keep your mouth shut, Nehey if you will.
Epona: Not even italics?
Zelda: Nope.
Epona: uh.. Neyhey.
Atrius: This has a pretty random plot.
master K: lol funny
Zelda: And YOU! People who are just crazy wierdos off the street! stay out of this!
mit: ok..ok... can i have your autograph?
Zelda: no.
Link: Now are we ok?
Zelda: No! Gannon! You are the bad guy! You can't turn good!
Gannon: But...
Zelda: No! You have to be bad! Understand?
Gannon: Well.. ok...
Zelda: And Link?
Link: Yea?
Zelda: Kick his ass!
Link: Wohoo!
*draws incredably giant sword*
Zelda and Gannon: Where did you get that from?
Link: Don't worry, it's not possible for this plot to get any stranger.
Atrius: Yea.
master K: lol
mit: w00t!
Zelda: I told you to stay out of this!
master K: fine... fine...

Chapter the fouth

Ready, play, Begin!

Hello Kent, today we're in Wimbledon! And just look at these two fine tennis players we have here. Gannon to serve. Oh! look at that ball of dark energy! is that allowed?

I don't know, Steve. But im sure we're in for some world-class tennis today!

I agree. Link hits it back with his sword. Gannon smacks it back. To link. To gannon... and... Oh! look at that! link really lost his footing there!

I know Steve! Look at those balls of energy running through his body! That really is a game he can't afford to lose!

Indeed. Gannon serves again. Link whacks it back... and.... Gannon stumbles and is rendered paralized in pain! Link serves again, with his bow, And look at that beam of light! Hits gannon straight in the chest! You can just see the pain in that poor man's eyes as link... whips on the hover boots and flys over to Gannon only to hit him with the master sword! Did I mension the one who wins this match gets to rule the world?

I don't think you did! Gannon's a strong man, he's already up on his feet and... Charging up a giant over-head serve of dark energy? How will link takle this comeback?

Who knows, kent? It looks like He's charging up a Spin sword attack though!

*well duh what happens*

where were we kent? i've lost track.

Let's go to Advantage link.

Ok. Ooh link won the match. But... what's this? gannon seems to be... vomiting green slime!!!!

Gannon: The great king of evil... beaten by this kid? *pause* Link!
Zelda: Wha? oh no! in his last breath, Gannon is pulling down the ..err... stadium. i mean stadium! Follow me!!!
*walks out through main enterance*

Zelda: That was a close one!
*Ambulance runs past and two stafols jump out*
Zelda: Oh no.
Link: um.... great.
*Ambulance reverses and runs over both stafols*
Zelda: Wohoo! That was easy.
Zelda: What was that noise?
Link: hi
Zelda: What was that noise?
Link: hi
Zelda: What was that noise?
Link: this is boring. I bet if i get closer to the stadium i'll see gannon's dead body.
Link: He's not dead!
Gannon: That's right. As long as i have the triforce of power in my hand...
Link: The what in the what what?
Gannon: The... hey, it's true! We never did that scene!
Zelda: No.. i guess we didn't... which means the triforce is still in... the temple of time!!!!!!
Gannon: Um... I have to go now.... to my... err... *cough* house.... to... sleep...
Link: Yes... i also have to go home... and sleep....
*both run as fast as they can to the nearest hyrule*
*Both realise that there's no hyrule on planet earth*
*both think of a way to get there*
*both look at a map*
*both look it up in the dictionary*

The Kingdom of Hyrule is a fictional land portrayed in the Legend of Zelda video game series created by Nintendo and industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto.

*both get confused, then upset, then have an idea*

Captain N: The Game Master is a cartoon series that aired on U.S. and United Kingdom television from 1989 to 1992. The show incorporated many of the most popular Nintendo games of the time. There was also a comic book version by Valiant Comics albeit only featuring characters from Nintendo produced games.

Zelda: This is stupid. Stop looking things up, and get back the way we got here!
Gannon and link: Which is....?
*zelda whispers in link's ear*
Link: Aha! oho! I'll be off then!
Gannon: No! you can't leave me behind!
Zelda: Oh yes we can.
Theater crowd: Oh no you can't!
Zelda: Shut it.

*Link and zelda dissapear*

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