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Prologue: Beginning of the beginning

The man, who was in his early thirties, had long black hair, and was wearing a black suede jacket and black jeans, looked about nervously. He was tied to a chair, but that’s not what he was nervous about; it was all part of a plan to get a briefcase for a client, and so far, was going perfectly.
No, Solarrain (for that was the man’s name) was nervous about the fact that his partner on this mission, Emkay, was not known for his punctuality. In fact, he was often rather lazy.
Now, this wouldn’t have concerned Solarrain too much, except the man (who was about fifty years old) who was interrogating him didn’t seem particularly patient.
“So… who’s working with you?” the man asked
“I told you, I’m working alone.” Solarrain replied, calmly
“Right… I’ve got something that can put the entire world under my control, that can make every single human being, ever creature my slave… and you send one man to try and stop me? Surely, even the K-Team have more sense than that.”
“Oh, don’t be such an emo,”
“Buh… wuh? Yuh… you can’t be serious. Me. An emo. You must be having a laugh. If anyone’s an emo it’s you.” The man spluttered
Solarrain burst out laughing
“That’s it!” the man screeched, he whipped out a dagger from his belt, and held the tip at Solarrain’s throat. He licked his lips, and prepared to deal the fatal blow.
Then, there came a knock on the door.
“What is it?” the man snapped, spinning around. The door opened to the small interrogation room, and standing there, was a man with green hair, at just above shoulder length, tied back with a headband, wearing an Arsenal F.C. football shirt, and dark blue trousers. He had a sheathed scimitar around his belt.
“Sorry I’m late,” he breathed stepping into the room “Traffic’s a bitch. Ah, Solarrain, how’s it going? And, if it isn’t Kirby! Great to see you again, man.”
“So, Emkay, we meet again,” the man, named Kirby, remarked dryly. “You’re too late. The briefcase is no longer here.”
“What briefcase?” Emkay asked, blankly
“The… briefcase you snuck into my secret base to steal, y’know?” Kirby replied, gob smacked
“Uh, I know nothing about any briefcase.”
“How can you be so unbelievably stupid? Do you take me for a fool?” Kirby cried, ripping lumps of grey hair out
“Perhaps you could enlighten me on what the briefcase contains, then I might remember?” Emkay suggested, calmly studying a picture on the otherwise bare metal wall.
“Don’t think I don’t what you’re doing. But, if you really want to know… I suppose it can’t hurt. It’s not even here anymore, and you’re going to die anyway,”
“For God’s sake get on with it!” Emkay demanded
“Okay… okay. In the briefcase is the most dangerous, most powerful item ever created. It is…

The potato… of doom.

Prologue Part 2: The middle of the beginning of the beginning

“And now that you know,” Kirby gurgled “I will have to kill you.” He pulled a gun out of a holster inside his jacket at lighting speed, and shot at Emkay; he cried in pain as the bullet ripped into his shoulder and collapsed to the ground. Kirby turned around to Solarrain and grinned
“Now it’s your turn,” he cackled
“Ish don’t think so,” Solarrain replied, and he stood up
“Guh? How did you get out?” Kirby screeched
“Well, for future reference, you should never tie someone to a chair with a frikin’ seatbelt.”
“Well, never mind, you shall still-” he froze mid sentence, as he felt cold metal against his throat. He looked downwards, and saw a gold plated scimitar
“Solarrain, get some rope,” Emkay grunted
“But, I shot you how did you survive?” Kirby moaned, as Solarrain rooted through some cupboards at the back of the room.
“Teflon coated shoulder pads,” Emkay replied simply, then, as he saw Solarrain with a length of rope continued “Tie him up,”
Solarrain nodded, and bound Kirby’s legs, arms, and gagged his mouth. Solarrain stood back from the wriggling body, as did Emkay
“High five!” they both cried, hitting their hands together.
The two agents picked up Kirby, and began to make their way out of the building
“Bit of an easy passage,” Solarrain commented
“Mmm, yeah, lunch break or something,” Emkay replied
“So, where’d you park the car?” they had left the building now. It was a fairly large old looking factory building, though on the inside it was rather hi-tech.
“Uh, just over there,” Emkay replied, pointing over at a lane of gravel next to the large open tarmac space.
They pushed Kirby, who was still squirming, into the back of the old and battered Kia Pride.
“Are we ever going to get a decent car?” Solarrain moaned getting into the drivers seat
“Ugh, it’s not likely. Mit hasn’t given me the funds to get another one, the tight bastard,” Emkay replied getting into the passenger seat
Suddenly, there was a loud crashing sound, as one of the windows in the back of the car was shattered into a thousand pieces
“You mean we didn’t even get bullet proof glass?” Solarrain yelled, slamming on the accelerator. There were several men in army-like suits giving chase to the car, shooting wildly.
“I told you, Mit’s tight. Well, he’d rather spend our money on silly computers with flashy lights and miniature Swedish flags, than on things that have a purpose.”
They had left the factory grounds now, and were driving along the badly surfaced road as fast as the Kia could go (around 50 miles per hour). Soon enough, two black jeeps were on the tail of the Kia, and gun shots were flying about around the small, cheap, and frankly, bad car. Soon enough, the chase moved into a forest. The rear windshield had been smashed, and only sheer luck was keeping Emkay and Solarrain alive.
“We have to get out of here. If we abandon the car, we can make a run for it in the forest.” Emkay suggested, as a bullet skimmed his nose
“No,” Solarrain contradicted “We need to get Kirby back to the base to question him,”
“But we’ll never outrun the jeeps,” Emkay protested desperately
“Well, you go then. I’ll see you back at the base,”
“But you’ll never get away alive,”
“One of us has to try,”
Emkay nodded, sadly, wound down the window next to him, and launched himself out of the car, landing inside a bush. He lay low a while, to be safe. He picked himself up, saw no trace of any of the three vehicles, and walked into the forest, hoping to find his way by chance.

Prologue part 3: The end of the beginning of the beginning

It felt to Emkay like he had been walking for two or so days. And, in fairness, he had been.
He recognised the town he was in now, though, and it was only three or so miles from his base. However, he needed rest. He looked a mess, was starving, and bloody tired.
As he was walking along the pavement, something caught his eye. Across the road, sitting on a bench, was a woman who looked in her mid twenties (although she could be older, Emkay had never been good at judging ages), with golden hair. She was beautiful, but not in the same way as a supermodel. No, her beauty went deeper. You could tell, just by looking at her, that she was a good person. Saying this, she had a pale face, and had a sad look about her.
‘Perfect,’ Emkay thought ‘For taking advantage of,’
He brushed down his clothes, crossed the road, and sat down next to the girl on the bench. As she looked at him, Emkay felt a shiver go down his spine; the girl’s eyes looked empty and desolate. Then, life flashed across them.
Damon?” she exclaimed. Emkay hadn’t seen this coming. This woman somehow knew his real name
“Who are you?” he snapped, drawing back, hand on his scimitar handle
“Damon… don’t you remember me? It’s Catherine. Remember?”
“Catherine? From school?” Emkay relaxed
“Yes! How’ve you been? You’re looking a bit, uh, rough.”
“Ugh, yeah. Listen, you wouldn’t mind letting me stay around you’re place for the night? It’s just, I’m exhausted.”
Catherine paused. For a moment, it looked like she would start crying
“Yeah, sure. I’ve only got a small flat… is that a sword?”
“Uh-huh, um, yeah,” Emkay laughed nervously “It’s, uh, plastic, see. For my nephew’s birthday.”
“I thought you didn’t have any brothers or sisters,”
“Yeah… uh, long lost half brother, see.”
“Oh, right. Well, C’mon, I’ll show you back. You look starving.”

Emkay woke up. For a while he’d forgotten where he was. He reluctantly pulled himself out of bed. Well, the makeshift bed Catherine had made for him on the sofa. He pulled on his shirt, and put his belt and sheath on. He went to leave the small apartment, hoping not to disturb Catherine. But it was too late; she was standing at the door.
“Leaving so soon?” she asked
“Yeah, I’ve got... commitments,”
“Such as?”
“Private. Job stuff.”
“So, you’re leaving? Just like that. Y’know, you disappear just like that, without warning. Leaving me on me own, all those years ago. Then you come back into my life, and leave again, straight away!”
“Catherine, I’m really sorry. But I have to leave. It’s vitally important.”
“Well, I’ll come with you then,”
“No, it’s too dangerous,” Emkay barged past Catherine and walked briskly towards the nearest bus stop. He slowed down when he realised Catherine wasn’t following him.
Emkay eventually reached the small, dark alleyway. He had had to walk the last mile, after the bus took a wrong turn, and then ran out of fuel. But at least he had made it back safely. He walked calmly down the alley, and then into the small clearing, where, up a small rusty metal staircase, there was a cast iron door. Emkay started walking up the stairs, when he heard a voice.
“So this is your important business, is it?”
Emkay spun around to see Catherine
“What are you doing here?” he exclaimed
“I followed you. So what are you doing at this… whatever it is?”
“That’s none of your business. You don’t fit in here; go back to your normal life?”
“What normal life? My parents are dead; all my friends have moved away, my boyfriend got killed by a Goddamn Skoda, and I’ve got no job. What life?”
“Oh… life sucks for you. Listen, I’d love to help you, but this life is… far too dangerous for… anyone. Want to know why I was in such a state? I was almost killed. And my co-worker will have been lucky if he escaped alive.”
“You still do it though, don’t you? You don’t try and stop.”
“There’s no way out from this business. Once you’re in, you never leave. The only way out is death.”
“I’ll take that risk.”
“Ugh, you won’t take no for an answer will you?” Emkay walked up to the door, placed his hand on it, and slowly, creaked open, to reveal a brightly light corridor.
“Very well,” he said “Welcome… to the K-Team.”

The K-Team: Coming soon to a Kousou Games near you!

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