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Chapter 12: The actual plan

“Hang on, “Reshter said “Didn’t you already tell us what you and Silly rain found out?”
“What?” Emkay replied “Don’t be silly. I think I would remember something like that.”
“No no, you told us all about Kirby and the poe-tay-toe of doom and all that crap, remember?”
“Flabbergast! He’s right, you know!” Mitxela said
“Brilliant. I’ve just been outsmarted by Reshter. Now I’m depressed” Emkay slumped down on one of the benches by the meeting table. The other members joined him around the table.
“Right,” Mitxela said “Now that mess is sorted out, I propose that we put our plan of finding Kirby and the ‘tater of doom and rescuing Solarrain into action”
“Yes, that was sort of the general idea of making the plan” Emkay pointed out dryly
“Well, whatever. First we need to give a name to this plan; this is a matter of vital importance.”
“How, exactly?” Atrius asked
“All the cool people give their plans names. Any suggestion?”
“How ‘bout ‘Reshter’s flying circus’?” Reshter suggested
“No, something that doesn’t make us sound retarded
“‘Reshter and the holy grail’? ‘The life of Reshter’? ‘And now for something completely Reshter’?”
“How about ‘project XXX’?” Annie interjected
“Well,” Mitxela said “Perhaps not X or triple X, that’s too clich笠Maybe another letter of the alphabet…”
“‘Project always look on the bright side of Reshter’? ‘Never be rude to a Reshter’?” Reshter continued mumbling like this for sometime
“Let’s just call it Project Q, then actually get on with it or I’ll blow you all up.” Atrius suggested, clearly irritated
“Atrius, you’re a genius!” Mitxela cried
“Well, you’d better go over your plan again, as none of us were listening earlier.” Emkay said
“Right, well, first of all we need to track down Kirby and Solarrain, am I right? However, we have very few resources to do so. We can, however get a rough idea of where they’ve been by tracking the progress of the Kousou vehicle, in which they were last seen. We then find the car, and locate them from there. Geddit?”
The rest of the team nodded.
“Right,” Emkay said “Mit will use the computer to locate the bucket of rust, Atrius and Reshter, you’ll be in charge of sorting out the weapons we take, Annie and Thiamine you can sort out supplies ‘n shit for the journey, and I’ll sort out transport. Everyone okay with that?”
Everyone agreed, the six team members stood up at the table.
Project Q had begun.

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