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Chapter 13: Getting ready

The team moved away from the table; Mitxela headed over to the computer where he opened the satellite tracking program, whilst the other five left the main room. Emkay left through the main door going to the outside world, and went on his way to find an old friend that owned a car showroom, while the rest went through to the blue brick room. Annie and Thiamine went into the kitchen to get together some food supplies, Atrius and Reshter headed to the back of the bedroom, where Atrius took a card out of his pocket and inserted it into a barely noticeable slit in the wall. The wall, slid down into the floor to reveal a fairly small room, filled mainly with shiny silver shelves with tattered boxes on them
“Right, what stuff do you reckon we’ll need?” Atrius asked Reshter
“Bombs!” he replied enthusiastically
“Yeah, what else?”
“Bombs!” Reshter grinned
“Mmm, I forgot how much you loved bombs. Right, I’ll get the stuff. You take it through to the main room, okay?”
“Whatever, just do it, or I’ll shoot you.” Atrius pulled a box untidily labelled ‘bO/\/\zz 1’ and tossed it to Reshter “Take it though to the main room, and hurry back. And for God’s sake, don’t drop them.”
Reshter waddled off with the box, while Atrius continued inspecting the shelves, every so often taking one of the boxes and placing it on the floor in the bedroom, from where Reshter would relay them back to the main room.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Annie was rooting through a large cupboard, pulling out several multipack bags of Doritos
“Is… this all the food you’ve got?” Thiamine asked “Doritos?”
“Oh no…” Annie replied moving to another cupboard and pulling out more bags of Doritos “We have dips too… and some, uh bread.”
“And… that’s all the food you’ve got? You live on Doritos and salsa?”
“And bread.”
“Yes, and fucking bread. Is that all you eat?”
“Oh no, it’s just we takes turns to do shopping, and last time Mit and Atrius went. Atrius particularly likes Doritos, while Mit has a love of bread. You know, Mit once made duck al orange, entirely out of bread.”
“Really.” Thiamine said sceptically
“Oh yeah, you won’t believe it ‘till you taste it though.”
Mitxela opened the satellite tracking program, and selected the Kia Pride that Solarrain and Kirby had last been seen in from the list of things with Kousou brand satellite tracking chips installed in. After a few seconds loading, a rough location of the vehicle was shown; a place in Spain, a mountainous area called Montserrat.
“And we have a location.” Mitxela announced loudly, hoping he’d been heard. In fact, only Reshter heard him.
“Oohwhereisit?” he asked in one breath
“Get the rest in here. I’ll tell you as a group.”
“OI!” Reshter squealed “GET ‘ERE NOW”
Atrius, Annie and Thiamine were there in a flash, jumping over the boxes of weapons conveniently left in the doorway
“What’s the rush Resh? Did you have a little accident?” Annie asked patronisingly
“No,” he replied “Well, yes. But that’s beside the point, Mit found a location.”
“Where?” Atrius asked
“A mountain in Spain called Montserrat.” Mitxela announced proudly, as if selecting something from a list was a major achievement. “So we just need to wait for Emkay to get back, and we can be on our way, then.” He continued
“Actually, we haven’t finished getting the weapons…” Atrius said
“And we haven’t got the food ready…” Annie continued
“Plus,” Reshter added “Where is Spain anyway? Isn’t it near Mexico?”

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