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In 1991, a group of friends were sent to prison by a police court for a petty crime they didn't commit. They eventually escaped from a minimum security jail whilst on bail, but were promptly re-captured. Today, released from prison, but with criminal records they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help for a reasonable price, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The K-Team.

Bah-bah-BAH, buh-buh-BUH, duh-duh, duh, duh, duh, dah, doo-di-doody-doo.

Chapter 1: And so it begins

Emkay walked slowly along the brightly light corridor, followed closely by Catherine. The walls were metal, with a light-strip going along each one. The ceiling seemed to be made of wood, and the floor had various carpets laid upon it. Soon enough, they came to the end of the corridor; there were two doors; one going straight on, and one going to the left. Emkay stopped, and faced Catherine
“From now on you will have to call me Emkay. Part of being a member of the K-Team is that you get a snazzy nick-name. You’ll get one soon enough,”
Then, he opened the door to the left, and stepped through. Catherine followed.
Inside, there was a spacious room, with cheerfully coloured wallpaper. On the right of the room, there was a complex looking machine, with a man with bright orange hair and clothes sitting at it. Standing next to him was a man with ridiculously untidy pink hair, a blue top and black shorts. Towards the back of a room was a table, surrounded by four back-less benches with cushions lining them. Sitting at the table was a man in a business suit, with tidy brown hair and glasses and a woman with curly hair, a dark green tank-top, and a mini-skirt. On the left of the room was a long sofa, faced by a large plasma TV, with shelves either side. On the sofa was a man with a blond tonsure, and green monk-robes. He seemed to be playing a videogame, seemed to be something like Spongebob Squarepants. The man seemed to be failing at it.
“Catherine, this is the K-Team. Team, this is Catherine our new recruit. Solarrain hasn’t happened to be in contact, has he?”
“No, we thought he was with you,” the man with glasses replied. All members of the K-Team moved away from where they had been, and stood in a line examining Catherine
“Well, come on,” Emkay said “Introduce yourselves.”
“Flabbergast! A newbie!” the man with pink hair cried “I’m Mitxela, pleased to meet you,”
“Hey, I’m Atrius, and I know pi to one significant figure!” the man with glasses smiled, smugly
“Hi, I’m Annie (Not my real name, though). I hope to become the first porn star to win the Nobel Prize for Physics.” Said the woman
“Yo, I’m Sol, fo’ shizzle. I is da bomb,” said the man wearing orange
“Sol, I thought we talked to you about talking in that retarded voice?” Emkay growled
“Soz, boss,” Sol grinned
And then the monk-wannabe spoke.
“Ooh, boobies!"

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