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Well, I was writing a story about the members of this forum, and when the ZFGC game comp came up i stopped. But i thought, why not make a kousou-story, that each member writes a chapter? Here's the first chapter of The Kousou Ring, which i wrote a little while back.

The Kousou Ring

Chapter 1

The Kousou Ring was a group of fighters. The fought not for peace, not for war. They fought for survival.

It was on a wet day that the event that changed the member’s lives happened. The only enemy of the Kousou Ring was another group of fighters, the Emizu Ring. Although similar, the Emizu Ring was trained in a different art. For what the Kousou Ring did was envied by the Emizu Ring. The Emizu Ring, however were more skilled in, as they called it, ‘real’ combat. It was quite a shock, however, when they decided to attack the Kousou Ring.

As the rain poured down on the sixth and top floor in the Kousou building, the Kousou Ring was having a meeting. Very rarely did they all meet, but today was different, yet another member had died.

The ‘room without ears’, as they called it, was a large, round, dome-roofed room with high windows. A dim light was crawling around the room as the night closed in. The members of the Ring were sitting at a large round table. There were seven fighters; codenamed mit, Atrius, master K, SolemnGamer, Sniper, Cube and Iceman. Mit was standing on the table, his baggy clothes rippling under the air conditioning.

‘My fighters – we have a new challenge to face. We cannot stay here. The threat of elimination is too close. We must flee to safety: we must leave here. We must travel far, far away, to the only safe place left. I am speaking of the land of Aliazmas, in the northern region. It is our only hope.’

He jumped off the table into his seat, facing the others. A second later master K stood up.

‘I am not sure this is a good idea. What threat is so great to force us into travelling such a dangerous journey? How shall we get there and survive?’

It is probable that mit had answers to these questions, for the whole group was worried that he should suggest such a shocking change. Here they had all they needed, and the land of Aliazmas was not very appealing. What also feared them was that Aliazmas was over four thousand miles away, and with no general transport available there didn’t seem like a point in risking it. But what stopped them getting the answers seemed more like the answer they wanted.

In a flash, a white clothed man landed on the table. He spun round and leaped towards mit, but before he had moved half a meter the whole Ring was up and had drawn weapons. More attackers appeared, and in less than five seconds everyone stood still, just inches away from the blade of an enemy.

A deep sigh came from master K. His sword, about a yard long with a perfectly clean, smooth blade was aimed at the heart of a blond haired, brightly clad boy of around fifteen. Master K, on the other hand, was dark haired and wore dark clothes. A few paces away was mit, his twin knives held at the throats of the two strangers beside him. One seemed to be attacking someone else, but mit’s face was turned to the other, who had a samurai sword pushing gently against mit’s neck. He could see every detail of this man – from the patterns on his sword handle to the lilac arrows resting on his shoulders, the only part of hit suit that wasn’t white.

On the other side of the table, was another melee of threats. Atrius, the oldest in the Kousou Ring, was holding his weapon – a large, hammer type, spiked club called an Eriernam, in the face of another enemy, who was holding some sort of chain type weapon in the air. Meanwhile, SolemnGamer held another victim defenceless on the floor, but was stopped by another knife in his face. Iceman had his weapon (Kiritz, the Ice sword) about an inch from someone else’s heart, and the chain of danger went all around in a circle.

Once again, master K sighed. Then he lowered his sword.

‘What do you want?’

‘We want you dead.’

Then everyone tried to attack each other at once. Swords and weapons hit, clangs filled the air. Less than half a minute later, the same formation had risen again.

‘Stale mate.’

At that moment, a jet of some sort crashed through the window shattering all of the other windows in the blast. It went straight forward into the table, separating the two fighters, crushing the table, and destroying the floor. The room collapsed in on itself and pulled everyone into the hall below. This was what the Kousou Ring was best at: situations of confusion.

This is a tale of the world of Maziather. This is a tale of death, fighting and betrayal. This is the tale of the Kousou Ring.

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Author: mitxela
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