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His clothes were all black. The baggy sleeves danced in the wind, following the pattern of his body movements. His hair, long and also black, shivered towards the east; mimicking the likes of the wind, yet in no way did he show his emotions. He was the Shadow, and before him today, stood the Traveller.

His motion was sudden, leaping gracefully, far into the air. The Traveller saw it coming and he, too leaped high. The two passed each other in mid air and, as this pass was made, the both men saw what had not been seen before. The Shadow shook his thoughts straight. He rolled as he hit the ground, and spun to reach his opponent. He clenched his fist, and cleared his mind. As the other landed, turned in mid air, he quickly moved to a parry position, rising his hands to stop a fatal blast. The Shadow hit again. And again. Then he tried a kick. He hadn’t had such a quick reflexed opponent for quite a while.

Then the Traveller struck. With all his might, he punched the Shadow straight in the face, sending him flying into a wall. It was the wall of a lift shaft of some sort, they were battling on the top of a building, and as the Shadow hit it, the unit almost collapsed. He then hit the ground and lay still.

“Shadow.” said the Traveller, “Did you really think it was possible?”

The Shadow got up, slowly, with anger in his eyes. He ran towards the Traveller. Punch after punch, the Traveller was slowly moving backwards. And then, without warning, the Shadow lunged. Lunged for the small metal tag around the Travellers neck. He smiled. And the Traveller was so unprepared, he just let it happen.

Shadow ripped it towards him, snapping the chain that held it in place. Snapping the connection between it and the Traveller. Snapping the only thing that kept the Traveller alive. The Shadow stepped back.

Slowly, the Traveller rose into the air. He began to glow. He managed to mutter a faint cry. The light was blinding, but Shadow was protected by his glasses; dark enough to stop anyone from seeing his eyes. The Traveller became no more than just a small amount of green fluid, which soon evaporated. All that was left on this rooftop was Shadow and the tag.

He looked at it, then to the sky. THE TRAVELLER was written on the tag. Likewise, THE SHADOW was written on the tag around his neck. He placed the second tag next to it. The power surged through his body, and the tag, in a flash, re-sealed itself around Shadow. He had become one.

A faint siren was in the distance. He had nothing to fear now. There was nothing that he could not do. He had double the power. He raised his hand, and before him, glowed a ring of light. It widened. The door was open.

When the swat team arrived, ready to catch two highly dangerous terrorists, all they found was a small statue in the centre of the roof, marked THE SHADOW TRAVELLER.

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