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Book Review: Dracula

Author: Bram Stoker Publisher: Penguin Classics
Well, when I first started reading this I thought that it would be one of those overrated 19th century books full of words that nobody uses anymore. However, I was proved wrong within the first page or two, and was hooked for the rest of the book.
You see, one of the reasons that Dracula is great is because itís different to most books. Itís written mainly as a diary, but thatís where the originality comes in because itís a series of different peopleís diaries, with the occasional letter or newspaper cutting, all put together to form a bigger picture, a collection of evidence. Now this is a great way to write a book as there is more depth to it than a normal first person books, and makes you feel closer to the characters than in third person books.
However, despite the great plot and writing style thereís one main fault with Draculaó itís not scary. At all. It may have been when it was first written, but compared with todayís standards itís very mild. Of course, thatís not to say itís not exciting, itís got plenty of Ďone more pageí factor and I strongly recommend that you get this book. Just donít expect a horror story.
Oh, and remember that Film, Van Helsing? Guess whoís a main character here. Although, aside from the vampire hunting, heís a totally different person.

- Tom Ďmaster Kí Mullan.

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