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"Sonic The Hedgehog: Genesis" (released on November 14, 2006) is a GBA port/remake of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. When I say this, you're probably thinking, "So it's the same thing, right? What's the point?"

Well, it's not quite the same thing.

I mean, yeah, all the levels are the same, and that's a good thing, but there are some minor and major differences, for better AND for worst.

First, Iíll explain the improvements.

The first thing that comes to mind (something that we will all thank Sega for) is the inclusion of the spindash. This game really needed the spindash, the fact that it wasn't in the first one was really annoying. I mean, a lot of people played Sonic 2 before the original, and when you tried the spindash in Sonic 1, all you did was jump. That was really annoying, and I'm glad Sega put that dash in. Another problem in the original was that you couldnít save midgame. Luckily that is not the case here, whaddya know! The downside to this benefit is, if you get a game over, your save data is lost. Sure, you can restart from the zone you were at, but all the emeralds you may have had will be gone, and you'll have three lives instead of, like, 10 (I'm really good at it, I can usually maintain at least 10-ish lives). The last improvement, which is really obvious, is the portability.

And now the downsides.

Graphics. Yeah, they look the same, but there are two things that "bug" me about them. One being the fact that spindashing makes the sprite have a slight color error that some people say makes Sonic look like he has herpes. The other thing (which is why I put quotes around "bug") is that just looking up moves Sonic over one and up two pixels... or is it over two and up one? I'm not sure, but I know it moves him a total of three pixels.

With music, there is only one difference: downgraded quality. Yeah, we all know that the GBA's sound system isn't the best, but it is far better than the Genesis's could ever hope to be. So why is it so crappy?

Another thing, which is REALLY annoying: the framerate is NEVER constant. It always slows itself down, and if it doesn't, you're only two seconds away from another framerate drop. If you want to prevent this, turn off the sound and/or music. It doesnít seem like a big problem to solve and they could've fixed it. And yet, they didn't.

Well, overall, this is a pretty accurate port, but then again, it has its problems. If you're a die-hard Sonic fan, go ahead and get it. Me? I'm satisfied, but not incredibly so.

- Solarrain4

Author: Solarrain4
This page was uploaded on 26/01/07

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