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Zelda TP - better than Ocarina of Time?

My go on Zelda: Twighlight Princess was shorter than expected, firstly because the time limit was reduced to fifteen minutes because of crowds, but also because I completed everything the demo had to offer... on my second go. The screen was half broken, the colours had been messaed around with and nobody wanted to waste their go trying to fix it. I only saw the screen when there were two or three people in front of me. Everyone was choosing the first level of the two available - Toaru Village. I saw the person playing do some stuff, get the sword, some more stuff, made it quite far. The next person chose the second level: "Horse Battle", and it actually looked fairly boring. We were watching Link and moblins run around in circles, in the night, on a half broken TFT screen on a very sunny day. Nothing much happend, but then it was my go! :D
The dissapointing elements were there probably only for the demo, save maybe the rowing. Your first task is to round up goats. You call epona, name confirmed, by playing a preset tune through a peice of grass. You can understand it, though. They didn't want people wasting the whole demo learning how to play what might very well change. There were pumpkins. You could pick them up and throw them around, yay!
All the Zelda elements that suited the area were there - climing vines, learning to Z target, which is similar to windwaker here, and so on. The rowing was... err.. different. It's not an important aspect, I suppose, but that's not how you row. I know, I've been rowing not too long ago. I was expecting some sort of L = Left paddle, R = Right padde set up. But what's there is Tap A, and point the control stick in the opposite way you want to go. That should only be if there's a rudder, stupid. It looks like they've taken the animation of Link and Copy&Paste'd the movement code from the King of Red Lions. And then that go was up. So I qued up again.

On my second go, I naturally went for the other level. I did, however, choose a different GameCube so it had a working screen. The control of Epona is very, very similar to OoT. Probably Copy&Paste'd that, too. And the sword is just like the very first trailer back in '04. Except that you charge it up - holding it out to the side.
The guy earlier had gone round hitting random bad guys and eventually stricking a blow to the main moblin. I, however, went straight to the evil dude, locked him against me as we swerved round a corner, and released the sword I'd had fun charging up a few seconds earlier. The battle scene has had quite a bit of work, but, for so many years, I'd expect more. You can fall off epona, and *get hurt* which is a major step forward from the indestructable OoT Horsey. The speed is still carrot-based. One more thing - I wasn't too impressed with the HUD. It was too shiny and simple. Eh well.
Anywho, once that quy had had enough of being poked with my sword he ran over to the gate, and I followed, and then we were on the bridge shown towards the end of the most recent trailer. A minion shoots a nicely animated fire arrow at the gate to bar you in, using the convieniently placed logs 'n stuff. You're then charging down the bridge, blah dee blah, but unlike what you're clearly supposed to do, I, well, first I jumped off the edge to see what would happen (and yes, you do just retry with a fade-through-black transition), but just beofre hitting him I charged up my sword and veered sideways, released and he fell off the edge. What suprised me was the hostage that we were meant to be saving fell off with him, and Link didn't seem to care. He just did a beautiful slow motion victory dance before the words "Thanks For Playing!" rendered themselves on the screen, and the controller snatched off me by the next Ninty fan.
From the moment they slipped the first screens for this game everyone was screaming for it. After how long we've been waiting, delaying it again makes them look a bit bad. They've put a lot of time into this, but so far not a lot has come out, relatively speaking.

Zelda : TP will be a great game. A very good game. But unless they do something amazing it's not gonna beat OoT.

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Author: mitxela
This page was uploaded on 16/10/05

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