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Yoshi’s Touch and go!
He jumps when you touch him...


From: Nintendo
Players: 2
Single Cart Link: Yes
Microphone: Yes

With only four game modes you may think that this isn’t worth the buy. And, if you want an epic platformer, it isn’t.
However, initial disappointments aside, Yoshi’s Touch & Go is one of the most addictive games on the DS. It’s a simple concept, really, in the first part of a level; you guide Baby Mario down the screen by drawing a path of clouds, while avoiding enemies.

Guide Mario to the safety while collecting coins. More coins mean a better Yoshi.

In the second part, Baby Mario rides Yoshi, who jumps when you touch him, and can shoot eggs. It’s here where the game mode differences really come to light.

In Marathon mode you have to travel as far as possible, without dying. (Duh)

At first the game seems so simple, but over time you’ll see that you’ll have to develop a technique to beat those top scores. Although at some points in the game you’ll be concentrating on just staying alive, as one hit means death.

Getting maximum points out of these cave sections is a real challenge.

But despite being a very addictive game, it’s just too small. Nintendo could’ve- and should’ve- fit a lot more into it

To sum up:
Dual Screen use: 9/10

The dual screen has been put to brilliant use here- the game wouldn’t work without it.

Touch screen use: 10/10
Maximising the potential of the touch screen here. Well done Nintendo.

Visuals: 8/10
They’re nice and smooth, but nothing special.

Sounds: 6/10
The tunes here are nice, but instantly forgettable.

Mastery: 7/10
Uses the DS’ features well, but it hardly pushes it.

Lifespan: 8/10
Immensely addictive, but if you get bored you probably won’t go back. The multiplayer is nice, but nothing special.

An addictive little game this, and it pushes Nintendo’s innovation message. But it will still disappoint many.


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Author: emkay
This page was uploaded on 05/02/06

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