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Return of the Labyrinth (working title)

Concept: A truly 3 dimensional maze.

I'd been thinking about mazes for a while. If you type "3D maze" into Google, you get hundreds of results but none are actually 3D - they're just 2D maps with 3D graphics.

The aim of this project isn't to create a 2D map with 3D graphics. It isn't to create a 3D building with different floors and such either - it is to create a completely 3 dimensional maze, where the path goes any way it likes.

To achieve this, an entire new kind of movement had to be created, one that allowed you to travel anywhere you liked in the 3D world. The result: walking on walls. Gravity bends to be perpendicular to the surface you're touching. The camera rotates to where you're facing. Hit a surface, you jump onto it, gravity follows you - everything follows you. There is no up-down-left-right-forwards-backwards in this maze. You go where you want to go, any direction, any surface.


A maze gets old when you play it twice. As you know from Atrius' old project, Maze Minigames, we've had a maze generation algorythm lying around for a while, and it took very little time to convert it to work in 3 dimensions (saying that, GM's lack of 3 dimensional arrays certainly didn't help).

Here's a picture of a generated maze of size 10x10x10:

And here's a picture of a generated maze of size 30x30x30:

Impressed? It goes up to 1024x1024x1024.

You will get lost.


This is just a single chapter in the adventure of the main character, Leon - a bounty hunter who, on his mission, has accidently let his girlfriend fall into the hands of a criminal mastermind who calls himself The Minotaur...

In an attempt to rescue her, Leon was caught. At the cackle of the Minotaur, he is thrown into an elaborate and exceedingly expensive death: a futuristic reincarnation of the greek labyrinth, with its only flaw - being 2d - removed.

Leon isn't a quitter - but can he escape from the most confusing and complicated maze in the history of mankind?


We've got a working engine going. Changing from surface to surface was bound to be glitchy, and it gets harder when you think of reaching a ledge - do you jump down it, or do you stick to it still? Also, when the path does a U turn on itself, this creates graphical problems as well as movement problems. However, these things should be ironed out fairly soon.

Music and textures are both in progress, but both need more work.

Beta screenshots - although these graphics are mostly placeholders, we couldn't keep these beautiful mazes out of your sight:

A trailer video will be on its way very soon.

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