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Complete Games

Zelda: The Final Challenge
Zelda: Maze Minigames
Fizzy the dragonfly
Zelda Space Invaders
Minesweeper Online
Sudoku Mania
The Desktop Ball
Lego Pong Online
The Old Arcade
Atrius' Bloom Lighting Demo

Work in progress Games

Zelda Bomberman Online
Zelda: Just Beginning
Return of the Labyrinth (working title)
There are also suspended work in progress projects, including the fabled MMORPG, Gretchin, Clans of Derulia, Kousou Fighters and more, but it's hardly worth giving them a page until we start work on them again.


Atrius' LTTP-style Animation maker
Atrius' GM Modeler*
Atrius' Random Sentance Generator
Mitxela's Smilie Maker
Mitxela's Text Confuzzilator
Mitxela's Subword Finder
Mitxela's Anagram Finder
Mitxela's Ascii code viewer
Mitxela's Seamless texture generator

*Made before GM's model support, no way to load models into games yet.

Also note that some of these games were made before Windows Vista. If you're having trouble running them on Vista, you can try this hack to fix it: Making games work under Windows Vista

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