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A game mit promised would be out by christmas, it was forgotten about during the whole "Project Q" era. The gameplay is original and unique: Jam must use a spherical device to travel across different terrains, to defeat his arch nemesis, Marmalade.

The game is expected to be released shortly after the JZ demo.

Progress Log:
Day 1. Concept figured. Name "Jam" comes to mind.

Day 2. Engine physics fine. Side bounce buggy.

Day 3. Side bounce fine. Decided to only use completely original resources.

Day 4. Started on graphics. Made the first tune.

Day 5. Finished graphics for four worlds, thought up a few more. Made the Bouncer. Wrote down a few puzzles.

Day 6. Thought up many puzzles and items. Added more music (making a total of four songs so far), the one-way blocks, and some more crap.

Day 7. Added Heavy Jam. Fixed some crap. Made and added the backgrounds, finally. Wrote the Fire tune. OPtimised some of the code.
Game not finished on time.
Day 8. Decided to start the level design, despite the engine being unfinished.

Day 9 to about 30: Made another theme, the title, and some music. Done most of level designing.

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