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The Just Zelda Game...

Before Vaati was sealed with the four sword, before ganon twisted the sacred realm into a land of darkness, and before the Hero of time was ever a hero, he had to prove his worth.
A war is on the horizon, and the chaos is just beginning...

We've offered cameos for the people at Just Zelda, you can still request one but it's not guaranteed you'll get in at this point...


The demo has been released!
Windows XP Version: Download (6.07 mb zipped).
Windows Vista Version: Download (6.5 mb zipped).

Latest Screenshots

Link checks his hair is okay by gazing at his reflection

Link fails to seduce this subrosian

Link resists the urge to jump in and cook

Link disapproves of free range hens and ensures the cuccos are locked up, their entire life

Link's not doing anything dirty in the grass

Link's so cold his balls have gone blue

Lead programmer: Atrius
Lead level designer, puzzle design: mit
Story Line & ideas, level design: master K

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