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i love: mitxela
admin: niggerman the cat is my soul animal
Penis: Penis
gudnaimsartaekn: Hello‽
tom: Hello!
NarwhalCakes: Heyo
Arcdj: hello?????
Hello: hello
9/1/2020: hi
Lucius: I seriously hope the wait is worth it
kkk: hell
hi: bee
how_did_i_get_here: hi i am that guy who talks a lot on the mitxela forum. so is this webpagestill active
AtriusForgotPassword: Emkay!
emkay: atrius!
AtriusButHeForgotHisPassword: Rarely here these days, but still around.
McSwordy: Josh... where are you?
iceman: not the dying part, the forum part
iceman: im looking forward to it
emkay: so basically we're waiting until the first original kousou member dies to reveal it