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nya: nya
Gunbuster: It's 2022!
Gunbuster: YOOOO a shoutbox/chatbox
nickk: where am I?
Yaboo: Wassup
gudnaimsartaekn: Also it was me who posted my shit scores under your name, emkay.
gudnaimsartaekn: I admit it. I was Alan the pigeon. I'm sorry I was useless and 12 years old.
LamarAskew: Keep this going please, great job!
Antonietta: WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for %meta_keyword%
Lucius: Hello...? anyone?
nik: space? spaaaaaaace!
notmyname: hellooo
i love: mitxela
admin: niggerman the cat is my soul animal
Penis: Penis
gudnaimsartaekn: Hello‽
tom: Hello!
NarwhalCakes: Heyo
Arcdj: hello?????
Hello: hello