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mit: Done.
mit: I should remake that too
Llama: OMG 1D Game!
frost: i will nergasm so hard if i can play this on my dingoo A320.
mit: other than that, maybe try a virtual machine?
mit: This version of maze minigames should work on all platforms
pteh: pteh
Pah: Pah
emkay: tbh i'm impressed people are still interested in playing our stuff!
emkay: not sure if these work on win8, and i don't think they work on mac at all sadly
emkay: TFC is XP only i think, but you can convert it yourself with this: tinyurl.com/KGsGMC
emkay: what OS do you use? if you're using vista+ you need to dl the vista version of JB
Tatl Tael Link: or anything?
Tatl Tael Link: But neither of them seem to be starting. Is there something else I need to download o
Tatl Tael Link: Hey, I download the Zelda: Just Beginning demo and Zelda: The Final Challenge.
Black HAwk: yep thats all folks
david: hi hannah
hobopigeon: I'm back.
emkay: remember, despite the lack of activity, we still love you all. keep on rockin' guys