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Tatl Tael Link: or anything?
Tatl Tael Link: But neither of them seem to be starting. Is there something else I need to download o
Tatl Tael Link: Hey, I download the Zelda: Just Beginning demo and Zelda: The Final Challenge.
Black HAwk: yep thats all folks
david: hi hannah
hobopigeon: I'm back.
emkay: remember, despite the lack of activity, we still love you all. keep on rockin' guys
emkay: omg zeldagaiden and faendeer i remember you both. i love that people still visit here
Pootie: here ages ago. Nice to see some familiar faces still on here, haha! How is everyone?
Pootie: "Hello!" again! If you for some reason happen to recall, I used to be Faendeer on
Pootie: source files, and I thought I'd stop by for the first time in like 8 years to say
Pootie: Whoa! I can't believe I'm still coming to this site! You guys have such awesome
zeldagaiden: remember me?
Paloupa: All we need is a new poll
mitxela: it's zombified
Lucius: Is this alive?
mitxela: Howdy.
Paloupa: OH HI GUYS
quijex: Where's the clown that beat my Fizzy the Dragonfly score?!