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Who are we?

Kousou Games is a group of programmers and designers who have decided to give all the games and software we make to the public for free.
We don't ask anything in return, only perhaps respect and a little positive feedback. Kousou Games is essentially non-profit: the ads simply pay for the hosting. Why? Well, most of what we do is useful to us career-wise, as all the staff are students, and also, we just like making people happy.

The team got together in 2004: a breif history is shown on some of the aniversary articles. The word "Kousou" is actually Japanese for "Confused Fighting", even if that has nothing to do with any of our games.

Legal stuff

We don't intend to break anyone's copyright. If we have used a graphic or similar of your creation in one of our projects against your will, please let us know and we will discontinue. Nintendo, Mario, Zelda and other titles are trademarks of their respective owners. We are not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. The resources available for download are free to use in non-commercial projects so long as at least a link to our site is given. All other content is Copyright Kousou Games or to the member(s) that created it, and may not be reproduced without permission. Although we moderate what's uploaded, Kousou Games is not responsible for user-submitted content.

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy rights of our visitors and are commited to protecting the information we collect about you online. The following questions outline our policies.
Note that the scope of this policy is our website(s) only. "Kousou Games" refers to our site and its online data collection.

Does Kousou Games Collect Information About Me?
Very little is collected about you. The information you place on your profile at the forums is visible to the public but you are allowed to leave all or part of it blank. The information we collect on the main site is mainly for personal statistics about the site, and shows little about you.

How Does Kousou Games Use My Information?
We use it mainly for determining users, and finding out what kind of audience is visiting the site.

With Whom Does Kousou Games Share My Information?
We keep it private at all times, although we sometimes show visitor logs to affiliates to demonstrate the activity of the site.

Does Kousou Games Use Cookies, Track IP Addresses or Use Other Passive Means to Collect Information?
Kousou Games only logs Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses and user agent information (only to determin whether you are a real person or a search bot). Cookies are used only to save settings / to stay logged in on the forum. Clicking here will remove all cookies set by Kousou Games. No other means are used.

How Secure Is Information About Me?
From what we collect, it is very hard to determine anything about you more than the country you are in and the system information of your computer.

How Can I Unsubscribe from Kousou Games' bulk e-mails?
There is an option to do this on your forum profile, although bulk emails are sent very rarely.

To Whom Should I Direct Privacy Questions or Concerns?
Simply send us an email.


What is affiliation?
Affiliation is exchanging links with other sites so that we and them can get higher google rankings and hopefully more members at our forums. To be an affiliate you need to place a text or button link to the affiliating site on a visible part of all your main pages and the affiliating site will do the same.

Rules for affiliation
Kousou Games has now adopted a simple set of rules for affiliation:
1. Your site must have at least 50 unique hits per day
2. At the moment, we will not accept forum only sites
3. The content of the site must be similar to what we cover, with nothing directly illegal or unsuitable for young people.

If you think your site applies, then simply send an email to mitxela@kousougames.co.uk with the url / banner image of your site.

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