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Avatar Tim "mitxela" Jacobs
Game Designer / Programmer / Graphics Artist / Web designer
Mit is the lazy one, who never does anything to help out. He deserves to be demoted. And he lives in South Wales, so watch out. There are very dangerous people in that part of the world.
He's seventeen, enjoys playing Zelda (amoungst other things) and WAS site staff at ZFGC, but quit.

Avatar Tom "master K" Mullan
Game Designer / Founder / Programmer
On second thoughts, master K is the lazy one. You'd expect more from our founder. He thinks he's so big just because he lives in England and is seventeen. Tut tut.

Avatar Josh "Atrius"
Game Designer / Super-duper Programmer
Come to think of it, Atrius is the lazy one. Wait, no, everyone is lazy. But we've always thought there was something shady about this character. You should always suspect someone who doesn't want their last name shown on the staff page. Especially if they are nineteen, like to draw and program, and are studying digital animation. Yes.

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