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We we're supposed to write a short story using 10 words from english class, and my group want to make it humorous, and stick as many words in each sentence as possible so here it is as best as I could remember it. I underlined the vocab words from english class, and included synonyms after the story-

Barty is a wombat who has a monomania for making derogatory comments at incongruous times. He refuses to use euphamisms, and his levity is quite perverse. His insatiable need to gamble leads to gratuitous efficacy, and apocryphal dealings all to placate his not so bonhomie mother.

Some of the words are pretty easy, but i'll include all of them just in case. We used 11 instead of 10 because we're overachievers :P
monomania - Obssesion
derogatory - Insulting
incongruous - Innapropriate
euphamism - A more mild word substituted for harsher word (no real synonyms)
levity - Humor
perverse - Twisted/Distorted
insatiable - Unsatisfiable
gratuitous - Undeserved
efficacy - Effectiveness
apocryphal - Fake
placate - Satisfy
bonhomie - Friendly

Basically the first thing we decided when we started to write it is that we had to use the word 'bonhomie,' the teacher thought it was pretty funny.
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Author: Atrius
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