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March's random article
from the confuzzled mind of mitxela


Sorry about the lateness of this article, I've been swamped down by a lot of crap lately. I'd guess about 80% of that crap is homework related, the remaining crap being cheese flavoured.

So, what's happened this month? Let's start with something unrelated to gaming.

This month I've had seven injections. Four of those were in my mouth. I've had seven inoculations spread out over three shots, one of which was live. Compared to my monthly average this is quite extraordinary, but as it is of no interest to anyone else in the world, we shall drop the topic and never speak of it again.

Also I had a brace fitted to my teeth. A result of this was to find out that it is referred to as "braces" in America. Well, actually I've heard both over here, and again, this is a pointless topic, and shall now be flushed down the Public Toilet of Doom. Wave bye-bye!

So, moving on to the subject of Civic Engineering, I noticed that there is actually no "ROT" in "EROTIC". Yes, as shocking as it is, it is everything but false. The fact that it isn't there that is, the fact that there is a "ROT" in "EROTIC" is everything but true. Why, you ask? Well, when analysing the characters of each word we clearly see the preliminary word fit neatly in at the second character, so one would assume that the statement is true. However, along my dilated path of research, I cleverly calculated that, in actual fact, erotic has nothing whatsoever to do with the corroding of wood. Sad, yet true.

This brings me quite snugly onto the topic of gaming. Gaming using a combination of a Light Emitting Diode and a potato. That is, so long as the legs of the LED where made from copper and zinc, and that there was a GameCube chipset built into the LED, and that everything else was plugged in. They could call it the PotatoCube, although it isn't a cube... unless you had a cube-shaped potato, a type that I believe is quite rare. Let's just stick with the GamePotato.

What's with the recent occurrences of Mr Potato, then? Why, I'm really not sure. He may be a close relative of Miss Teapot. Ahh, Teapot, how we miss thy gentle touch...


Moving onwards, slowly yet steadily, I throw us strait into the long awaited topic of "How well is the Just Zelda game's progress progressing? Well, there's only one answer; "floccinaucinihilipilification". However, don't take that the wrong way. The actual answer is not just the complete opposite of that, but nothing like either the opposite or the average meaning of it. Luckily this does direct you in some direction of where we stand - you now know its progress is definitely not at the level of "the estimation of something as worthless" and you also know it is not at the level of "the guarantee of everything as priceless". No comment.

Those observant readers of mine will have noticed that this article lives up to its title slightly more than the previous and the prequel to that. Therefore we may dub our Bird Flu friendly anecdote as "More random than the last month, but not as random as the next". Or slightly less confusing would be to dub it "We like Pie". Everyone loves Pie. Actually, I don't. *hides under rock*

Now, one reacts and kinetically adapts their eyes to form two mathematical "Less than or equal to" signs. This is also abnormal, as the usual one would simply be without the "or equal to". Having this addition means that each eye now features two joints between the eyelids. Having two joints on each eye means there must have been stitches, and having both of your eyes sewn in such a way can only mean one thing: The reader is no more than a monster created by one DR FRANKENSTEIN! From this we gather that every living soul ever to type "< __ <" is nothing more than a figment of Mary Shelly's imagination. Case closed.

How helpful was this? Not at all. But hopefully it killed a few cancerous mutated cells within some innocent duck's tumour.



Author: mitxela
This page was uploaded on 20/03/06

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