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Bombs over Hungary

There was a thick cloud of tension hanging over the meeting room. Yusuf Aliraj of Kazakhstan was having an argument with President Daniel Ashton of Cuba. It was about the recent assassination of the world president. Although the assassination itself had been carried out by the Dutch Mafiya, the information had been fixed to make it look like the Kazakh government were the guilty party.
"That is it" Yelled Daniel "You killed the world President, and if you continue to deny it, I will have no alternative."
"No alternative to what, exactly?" Yusuf sneered
"If you don't admit to your crime, I will force you to admit it. I declare war."
The room fell silent. Yusuf recovered from the initial shock. Any other leader in the world would have backed down from this challenge. They would have tried to talk things out, to prove their innocence. But not Yusuf. Yusuf was a prouf man. He had never backed down from a challange in his life, and today was no different.
Yusuf nodded.
"I guess there is no other choice. If you will not accept reason, there is only one way to settle this." he briskly walked out of the room, followed by his associates, and two bodyguards.

Cuba, in an air base- Jonbib was sitting in his plane with a sense of anticipation. It was going to be the first proper action he ever had in a plane. Admittedly, it was only a bombing raid, but there was always the chance that the Kazakh forces were prepared for this, and therefore chances of a proper 'dog-fight'. There was a part of Jonbib desperately hoping that he would have the chance to fight against another plane. Suddenly, he saw the runway was ready, and he led his squadron out of the hanger. Led his squadron on thier way to Kazakhstan.

Later on, Kazakhstan, in an Air Base- Reports had been recieved of a Cuban air squadron heading towards Kazakhstan. Jimbob, the veteran pilot was to lead a rival squadron of planes, to meet the the Cubans somewhere over Hungary. Jimbob had been assured that they had the element of surprise, and therefore it would be an easy victory. He, however, was not so sure. Nonetheless, he adopted a positive attitude so that he would, hopefully, give his squadron an air of confidence.
Jimbob climbed up the step ladder, prepared to get into the plane, and looked back into the air hanger. It was a fairly large squad, comprising of twenty planes, including his own. However, intelligence suggested that the Cubans had similar numbers, and so it was necessary. Jimbob clambered into his plane, sweating already, and strapped himself in, as the runway was being cleared. Eventually the twenty planes, filled with the best pilots in Kazakhstan, took to the skies.

Hungary, in the sky- The skies were peaceful, if somehow you could be there, all you would here was the humming of twenty of so Cuban engines. Well, that is, until the the Kazakh forces arrived. Jonbib was the first Cuban to spot something.
"Be aware, troops," he broadcast, as he wasn't sure who the planes belonged to. Well, he didn't until they opened fire. "Attack!" he roared.
It was certainly a spectacular battle, bullets and missiles flying everywhere. It was also a stalemate. On each side therewere only two planes left in the air. Jimbob and Jonibib, plus another were alive on each respective side. Both sides had planes flying side by side, as they prepared for a final head on assault. But something stopped this. Another squadron appeared in the sky.
"Damn it!" Jimbob shouted in frustration "An ambush! Let's get away from here, Borat."
Meanwhile, in the rival squad leader's plane, Jonbib gulped and also gave the order for retreat.

Neither of them realized that it was in fact the Hungarian air force, retaliating from all the planes crashing down in their land. It didn't take long for the two Cuban and two Kazakh planes to be finished off.

When the Cuban and Kazakh governments heard of this they both declared war on Hungary. Soon after that, America and Britain declared war on the three already warring countries, because that's what they do.

So, yeah. Cookies to anyone who knows where the title of this story came from.

Part five of the 'old and crappy things written by emkay' series.
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Also, this is a sort of sequel to Assassination Mode

Author: emkay
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