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Atmosphere, innit?

The alleway was cold, damp and dark. On the left were a few bins; one had no lid, and was emitting a putrid stench of rotten
fish. On either side of the alleway, were two tall buildings. Damp moss covered the fadaed red brick walls, and weeds grew
along the bottom. About halfway along to the left, there was a rusty iron door, there were several desolate spider webs in the
door frame, which they themselves had not been used in an age, let alone the door itself. Towards the end of the alleway, there
was a lonely and battered looking shopping trolley. It's natural shine had gone, and was replaced with rust. There was a wheel
missing, and a soggy bag half eaten food in the trolley itself. At the end of the alley, there was a tall locked gate. It
looked powerful, but sad at the same time, the paint had all but peeled off and rust had taken it's place. There were the remains
of an old 'No-entry' sign clinging onto the gate, as if it's life depended on it.

Part two of the 'old and crappy things written by emkay' series. Part one is on the forums, and not worth tracking down.

At least there weren't any elves this time.



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Author: emkay
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