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Okay, I've decided to work on another story, but there are three main ideas I would like to do. I have written a chapter of each, and I would like you to choose which I should carry on writing. :)

Number one: The Rise of Gannon


This is the story of how the greatest natural- or should I say supernatural? -disaster ever to hit Hyrule, the Great Flood, came about.
It all started in midsummer two years before that fateful day, in an area known as Gerudo Valley, the old king of the tribe had just died and his son Dragmire the fourth was preparing for his crowning…

“Dragmire?” Egooru asked “Ketake is ready for the ceremony, and the crowd is getting restless.”
“Hold on Egooru…” the gerudo prince replied then stepped out of his room grinning
“How do I look?” he asked his servant
“Great,” She replied smiling “now let’s go.” The prince and the servant walked to behind the stage
“Good luck.” Egooru said, Dragmire smiled, nodded, and then rose up the steps to tremendous applause he stood in the centre of the stage, his wife, and a small gerudo witch standing either side of him. With a sign from the witch the crowd fell silent then she spoke in voice, although old and strained, still had power in it.
“We are here today to witness an amazing event, to celebrate the crowning of our new king! But, wait, hold you applause, he shall now make a speech!”
“Thank you! Thank you!” he cried out “Now to tell you how I am going to make our lives better- as you know we are looked down upon by many other races in Hyrule. But I will change all this, we will achieve equality, we will be an important race, we will not be spit upon, and we will do it without fighting, without life loss!” he finished his speech to raucous cheering and applauding, but this display was cut short, there was a bright purple flash, and a big burly man appeared
“My name is Gannondorf. I am the rightful king, and I am here to take the throne back from this wimp” he said pointing to Dragmire. “Now, as with tradition, there cannot be two men who are old enough to be king- so we shall have a fight to the death to see who shall rule the desert!” there was a wave of surprise from the audience, but more due to the newcomer’s claims rather than the combat coming up, the only person objecting was Dragmire’s wife
“No… you can’t do thi-” but she was cut short by her husband
“Don’t worry Steila I’ll win” he said, but didn’t sound convinced, Steila almost decided to protest more, but thought better of it and stood aside so that the combat could take place, which, was actually very short, Gannondorf overpowered Dragmire blow for blow, and it was a short time before Dragmire had his head chopped off in one swift blow, Steila ran to his body crying, but Gannondorf was smiling, nearly laughing. He addressed the audience
“Now you have seen my power, now I am your king. People like Dragmire are weak, we would never achieve success his way, but with my way, we will rule Hyrule, we will look down on other races as they have done for centuries, and we will do it with minimum life loss, those who die will have their name remembered for ever!” This was greeted by cheers from almost everyone in the valley, although the sincerity was debatable. There were however, two people, apart from Steila, who were very worried by this news; two Zoran spies, who were there to report on anything unusual, like this
“That’s not good.” One said
“Come on, let’s go Aragot, there won’t be any guards about, and I don’t think we’re gonna learn anymore.” The other replied
“Okay” Aragot agreed.
The two Zoras crept away from the ledge they had been crouching on, and slipped down the slope and walked towards the bridge, but stopped when they heard a shout
“Hey! Spies, Get them!” a voice shouted.
“Go!” Aragot shouted “Jump off the bridge we’ll swim to Zora’s domain” The other, was about to jump when he saw Aragot get shot, he turned around and ran back to his comrades body
“No Radzee… leave me…” he groaned, but Radzee shook his head, and dragged the body and threw himself and the other spy off the bridge.
Gerudo’s crowded round the edge of the gorge, and aimed arrows at the two figures making an escape; all but one hit their targets which hit Radzee on his shoulder, who tried to ignore the pain, until he reached Lake Hylia, where he swam onto the island in the middle where he collapsed, his lasts thoughts hoping that they would be found by Zora’s before the Gerudo’s got them.

Number two: The Severed Scrolls

Chapter 1

Aldor looked up at the moon, three days from full, three days until the Alakaya Games; held every three years in the city of Malayker. The games consisted of sports such as running, swimming, duelling etc. Aldor was coming back from his early morning walk, he felt so happy, soon, at the age of seventeen, he would be one of the youngest athletes to ever compete, and, if he were to win an event he would be the youngest winner ever, and win a lot of money, which his family desperately needed.
This happy moment was interrupted by Aylenn, his mum who rushed up to him, crying.
“What’s wrong mum?” He asked jogging over to her
“It’s… its Elenor…” she stammered
Elenor was Aldor’s twin sister, they were as close as siblings could get, they had always protected each other, and so hearing something might be wrong with her was very distressing for Aldor.
“What’s happened to Elenor mum?” he asked concernedly
“I… we think she’s ill, you’ve… got to come” she whispered, Aldor nodded, turned around and sprinted back to his house, his mum running, trying to keep up.
“Where is she?” he cried
“She’s over here son.” Aldor’s dad, Sarin, said bleakly. Aldor hurried over to the bed, where his sister lay, unmoving, pale almost looking dead.
“We don’t know what’s wrong with her.” Sarin said answering the unasked question “But we’re visiting Gherina the healer later.”
Aldor nodded, and sat down next to the bed.
“Gherina will want money won’t she?” he asked, as Aylenn entered the door, Sarin nodded.
“I’ll enter the games then. I want to be there for my sister, but getting the money will benefit her more in the long run.”
“That’s very good of you.” Aylenn said, trying to sound happy, but failing.
“Odd… very odd.” The old healer said, slightly amused.
“You see the cure for this is on a set of scrolls, I have half, but the other half is on the other side of the world. But the thing is there is piece of writing on the scrolls that mentions a girl hit by a curse, the one to find the cure is her equal. I assume that this means you Aldor. So you have a choice to make- you either earn the money and find someone who can cure your sister, or set out on a journey and find a definite cure you choice.” Aldor looked from his mum to his dad to his sister.
“It’s a pretty easy choice really. I’ll find the scrolls.”

Project Omega

Wales, Cardiff, Friday 26th July, 2011
James Allen had black hair, normally spiked up, he was tall, 30 years old and lived a simple life- he worked as a football coach for schools, going round the country, a new school each week, this week however was going to bring a lot of changes.
“Okay, now we are going to do some passing ski-” James was interrupted by his mobile phone.
“Hullo? Who’s this?” he asked
“Come to the front gate.” A man growled
“James Allen. You are needed, come to the front gate. Now. The fate of the world depends on this”
“Okay.” He replied. “Hey! Mr. Brown, cover for me will ya? I’ve got to sort something out.”
The teacher he had shouted to, jogged over to the group and started to give out instructions, James ran to the school gate and, to his surprise there was actually a man standing there.
“Did you phone me?” he asked the man, who was clad in a black suit, he had a hat which blocked his face.
“What do you want?” James asked
“I want you to become a secret agent, here,” the strange man handed James a plane ticket “Our headquarters are in Egypt, you have a free ticket. Take it or leave it. I suggest you take it, you look in need of a holiday anyway.” And with that the man walked off.
James walked back to the school field, deciding that he would go to Egypt tomorrow, Saturday, as he wouldn’t be working again until Thursday.

China, Hong Kong, Saturday 27th July, 2011

George Nesbitt had been on the streets of Hong Kong ever since his Dad had gone bankrupt when he was four. At the age of fourteen his Dad had been killed in a ‘tramp war’ so George had been on his own for the last three years. He was, however perfectly capable of looking after himself, learning all the tricks of how to stay alive on the streets from his dad. George had long black hair and dirty, ripped yellow clothes- though now you could hardly see that.
George looked round; the strange man dressed in a black suit was still following him. What did he want? George turned into an alleyway, now they were in his territory. George took a left, a right, a right a left into a dead end. He swore loudly, he had panicked and taken a wrong turn, he heard footsteps, and the strange man was there.
“If you want to escape living in poverty, you’ll let me help you.” He growled
“What do you want?” George demanded.
“To help you.” He replied, handing over a plane ticket “Here, you can come to Egypt, get a new life.” The man then walked off. George looked at the ticket and shook his head.
“Ah what the hell, anything is worth a try.” He headed off to the airport.

Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday 27th July 2011
Nick Rattigan had brown hair, fairly long, but he had it gelled so it protruded from the front of his head. He was tall, and well-built. He had moved to Ukraine with his girlfriend, who had subsequently left him for a rich business man. Now he was working in a small kiosk, and living in a small one bedroom flat. Today would change his whole life.
Nick was reading a magazine about weapons when a customer came in; it was a strange man in a black suit, he walked around the small kiosk handling a few items then putting them back
“Look,” Nick said in Ukrainian “If you gonna handle all the merchandise like this, the least you could do is actually buy something.” The man looked at Nick oddly
“C’mon.” Nick said in English now. “What do you want?” The man walked up to the counter.
“Here, have a plane ticket to Egypt.” The man growled putting a slip of paper on the counter “It’s a free ticket out of this life.” The man then walked out of the shop.
Nick chuckled to himself “Egypt, eh?” he put wrote a resignation slip, walked out of the shop and took a taxi to the airport

London, England, Sunday, 28th July 2011

David Lindsey had a good life, well, as far as he was concerned anyway. He had a decent job, and was a whiz with computers, having almost no friends in real life, he had made a real effort in the internet world to make friends; he even had his own website. He was also fat, but he was the type of person who really doesn’t care about that sort of thing.
‘dynamo@teamomega.com has added you to his or her contact list. Do you want to:
O Allow this person to see you online
O Block this person from seeing you online’
David regarded this new email with suspicion: he had never heard of this email, but allowed it, just to see who it was. The new contact was online, David started a conversation:
‘I R NOOBLET says:
Uh who are you?
Dynamo says:
Someone to pass on a message
What? Who are you?
Dynamo says:
Leave you flat, come down to the door. You will be given the chance of a life time.
Is this some kind of prank?
Dynamo says:
No, I assure you it isn’t. Just come to the door I’ll prove it.
Kk I’ll be down in a sec.’
David left his chair, left his apartment and took the lift down to the ground floor. He opened the door, went outside and to his great surprise there was a man there, sitting on a bench with a laptop
“What do you want?” David demanded
“To give you a chance to do something wonderful.” The man then handed David a plane ticket
“Come to Egypt. Have a holiday. It’ll be worth your while.” The man then shut his laptop, got up and walked away. David waddled back to his flat sat down on his chair and studied the ticket. Should he go? He was on holiday from work, he had nothing to hold him back and he had always wanted to go to Egypt. He went to tell his online friends he would be away for a while.

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