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Excite Truck
Mini Review

The handling in this game is incredible. I was blasting around the track, getting lots of stars within 20 seconds, seriously, the controls are that easy. You don't even need to turn much at all, and it's very sensitive.

So far I've done the gold/silver cups, It's great that you don't have to win to pass a course (although winning is the best option..it's still possible to get enough stars to come last, tho).

The gameplay itself is great, the tricks make the race more exiting, the terrain morphers add a lot, too, smashing opponents is satisfying, and doesn't detract from the gameplay as it doesn't change your camera angle (unlike another racing game). The tracks are great, too, and feel like you really are off-road. When I saw trailers, I was a bit worried when I saw the arrow wall, but playing the game, the tracks feel massive. It's hard to explain, but the tracks feel very free-roaming, while still making you go in the right direction, and the arrow walls don't usually appear to quite a while off the track.

You crash quite often, but most of the time, due to the boost you get, you don't actually seem to lose much ground, the AI is great too - they make mistakes, but not obvious mistakes (it looks like they are genuine mistakes, rather than mistakes forced onto them by the AI code).

And the graphics. Lovely, simply gorgeous. Especially when you get big ai, water effects are beautiful, as is the lighting. All this, while everything goes past at high speeds. Sure, some stuff do look a bit low-detailed if you crash into them dead on (and your truck stops), but that rarely happens (usually your truck spins, which looks ace). Controlling in the air is surprisingly easy to do, too.

There seems to be plenty of content in the game, too, and I can see myself spending a LOT of time on this in the future (as the game I play for 20 minutes while I decide on what game to play that night, or a quick blast as a break in studying), so I'll get my money's worth out of it.

The menu music is fine, but I've yet to hear the in-game music, thanks to the SD Card function, racing to your own music is ace, and the sound effects are well done, too.

Multiplayer I've yet to try...It isn't really an important feature to me, and 2-player is probably all I'll ever need.

Overall, a fantastic game, a lot of fun. One of the best games on the Wii so far, and possibly one of the best racers ever. I love it.

(Oh, and Diddy Kong Racing DS is a wonderful game, too. It's better than MKDS in many ways)

- Cube

Author: Cube
This page was uploaded on 16/02/07

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