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A review of the album Kingwood by Millencolin

So, more punk. That's what I think when I hear of the new Millencolin CD, Kingwood. More punk from the skating four from Örebro, Sweden.

And, of course, when I get the album and listen to it, I think, My favorite band has done it again. The album contains 12 songs of Millencolin's great punk music, and you can't be let down by it. Listen to it once, and this album will hook you more than any of their other albums.

Of course, a lot of people around here haven't heard of Millencolin, so let me explain. They formed in 1992. They were only a trio back then, with Nikola Sarcevic (vocals/bass), Erik Ohlsson (guitars), and Mathias Färm (drums). But then Fredrik Larzon came along in early '93 and took over drums, and Mathias grabbed a guitar. They've released five albums before this one (sadly, their first one had to have the title and cover changed due to legal trouble with Warner Bros). The first was a little cheesey, but they get better and better. Pennybridge Pioneers was their first gold album, with over 35,000 copies sold in Australia.

Anyway, enough of that... I find the best songs on the album are the first 7 or 8 on the album. The rest are... eh... Good, but not the best. It also has a video studio diary, "The Kingwood Days," which I find to be pretty funny.

I think the absolute BEST song on the album is track 4, Shut You Out. It's 3-and-a-half minutes of punky awesome-ness, and may well be their top hit single. The single's second song (B-side, if it were vinyl) is "Ratboys's Masterplan," which I have never heard, cause the singles are too dang hard to find <_<

I think this album is a must have. I'd get it before their new one comes out (which might be some time next year, I know they're gonna record later this year after Mathias's second band finishes touring for their debut album)

Track Ratings:

1) Farewell My Hell - 10/10
2) Birdie - 9/10
3) Cash Or Clash - 8.5/10
4) Shut You Out 10/10
5) Biftek Supernova - 9.5/10
6) My Name Is Golden - 9.5/10
7) Ray - 10/10
8) Novo - 10/10
9) Simple Twist Of Hate - 8.5/10
10) Stalemate - 8/10
11) Mooseman's Jukebox - 9/10
12) Hard Times - 8/10

Video Studio Diary - The Kingwood Days - 10/10

Average - 9.5/10

- Solarrain4

Author: Solarrain4
This page was uploaded on 26/01/07

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