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Review of my wristwatch

You know what? I agree. This review will offer no help to anyone, at all, ever. It will most definitely be the most wasteful text file on the server. No, in the world. But I'm going to write it anyway.

Being on "work experiance", I cannot extend my internet capabilities too far without allowing other users of this machine to edit the site once I'm gone. So, yeah, I have nothing better to do with my time. Yikes.

So, my trusty watch here came at the economy price of only 9.99, not a bad deal at all for the powerful performance it offers. The information on the back reads Timex, CR 1216 Cell, Water-resistant, www.timex.com. In it's current condition, the battery has been replaced once. I have once known this very model to malfuncition in terms of backlight, but that was also after at least two years' useage.

The Timex watch here has a simple but useful feature called a "light". Bascially, you press the little button, and if your in a dark area, the back will miraculously start glowing. It sounds like a neat little gimic, but amazingly it can actually prove quite useful when you are unsure of the time in the middle of the night.

There are three hands on the watch protected by durable scratchable glass. One is short and thick, one is long and thinner, and one is orange. They represent Hours, Minutes and Seconds respectively. Another bonus is the "Date". A little number ranging from 1 to 31 changes every two laps of the Hour Hand. However, here I believe it is no more than a novelty, as you require to do laps of the Hour hand to set the date. For that I must mark it down.

This brings me on to my next point. If you ever wish to set the time to a different setting, you may do so by pulling the little button out at the side and rotating it. The only drawback is a lack of function to set the second hand, but you can't have it all.

Am I boring you yet? Hope so.

There is a small logo underneath the TMX indiglo marking behind the numbers. The numbers are in a readable yet interesting font. There are even points to mark seconds and/or minutes. I give this section 8/10.

When held to your ear, you get the traditional ticking; one tick per second. I also note that you get a very faint ringing when you use the backlight, but it's hardly noticeable. Perfectly acceptable on this front, but nothing ground breaking. 6.5/10.

The novelty of pushing the light repeatedly or watching the hands rotate wears off in minutes. Shame on you, Timex. 4/10.

With a replaceable battery, the Timex Indiglo will last you well into the decades, and for only 9.99, what more do you want? Here I award 9/10.

Although some features probably won't last, for the price, Timex are offering you a great peice of equipment. Actually this watch is a couple of years old and I don't think they still sell it. Meh, I give 82% as my final verdict.


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