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Zelda: The Minish Cap

Iím not gonna say much about this cos thereís loads on other sites. So Iíll write my opinion on it in a different way.

The First thing that strikes me about this game is that it is different. Yea - in a good way and a bad way. For starters, the fact you have to learn the sword techniques is a bit new to Zelda. Right? And a talking hat that gives you (crap) advice hasnít yet been done, right? Well, maybe. But as far as I know Ezlo reminds me of Navi. And the Great Fairies are leaning towards the shadow of Swiftblade. If youíre with me. On the other side, you have the shrinking. Yup, you saw it in Mario Ė but not to this extent. Now all Iím feeling about this game is that, well, it doesnít seem to all be there. Take into account Iím being very harsh here and it is an excellent game. But, the controls are just that tiny bit different that is virtually unnoticeable. That is, until you play zelda as much as me. Then it getís just a tad more than tiny. Like the rocís cape. The sword drop thing, I mean. You use to be able to take out those ball and chain guys with ease. And whatís with acquiring the mirror shield, huh? A big Goron chewing a shield is not how they should have crossed that bridge. And, the bottle that Smith gets you for fusing with him makes a chest appear in the middle of a field. Great. And The Graphics, although fresh to untrained eyes is clichťd to us who played GBA fourswords.

However, despite all of the above, it is very, very good. Too good. It got me hooked. I played it and I played it and I played it and then the DS was released and I imported that, completed Mario 64 and then Iím back to playing minish. On the DS. It is totally compelling. Hereís some Fun Stuff To Do !

Before certain clips: Walk around the edges. Youíll find in some places that Link will turn to face the wall instead of who is talking. LOL!

When Zelda follows you: Use Everything. Some funny outcomes are Rocís cape, Pegasus boots, etc. Also, When sheís a lump of rock, just before you wallop the third stage of Vaati, if you get the timing right, you can send your defrosting beam to her. Then Elzo tells you to unfreeze her and sheís still a lump of rock despite your attempt. Bleh!


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Author: mitxela
This page was uploaded on 25/04/05

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