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What's this? A one dimensional game? Impossible!

That's how most people have reacted. Yes, a game in only one-D. Not 2D, not 3D, but 1D.

I thought about it and thought it jack. Everyone argues that having it even a single pixel wide would make it the second dimension. Some people argued that it was even, along with every game, in the fourth dimension, Time. But nay!

You see, the thing is, a game that classifies as 2D is only that because that's the depth of the imagery. Sure, on paper, if you draw an image, you call it 2D. And you know why you discard the fact it's actually 3D, that there's an actual depth to the paper itself? Because there's no change to the image through the third dimension.

The same applies here.

This game is only one pixel high. And that there is no change in its vertical graphic, we can regard it as 1D. One dimension of change.

Still not convinced? Well, then, I give up. There's an intro to this game too. You can get that when you download it here.
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