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WIP: Zelda Bomberman Online

Hell yes. Bomberman, Zelda graphics, online engine.

The aim - to let you play bomberman with four people on the other side of the world from each other - and it's insanely fun.

The computer-players' AI isn't great (yet) if you're playing it just with yourself, but the main focus is the online play.

Here's footage from the game we played the other day. Mitxela is green, Atrius is red and emkay is blue. Purple is the computer AI. Note that Atrius is across the Atlantic ocean from mit, so there's quite a bit of lag.

Still work in progress - but the gameplay's great fun already. The video was actually generated using the connection-log after the match, that was meant to be for debugging. We could even add a 'replay' function to the game, since half an hour's footage at full quality was easily under 1mb.

Soon to come: Zelda items, things like the hookshot, powder keg, roc's feather, and so on, to add to the Zelda feel. We might release a demo before the whole game.


Lead programmer: Atrius
Uses a modified version of 39dll.

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