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Chapter 11: I can’t think of a name for this chapter

“Hey Zoru, where’re you going?” Emkay asked, noticing the man about to leave through the main door
“I’m leaving. I’ve had it with this life, I just want to live a normal life as a concert violinist” Zoru replied
“Firstly, concert violinists can’t have normal lives. It’s against the laws of physics. Secondly, no one can leave the K-team with their life. I implore you to stay, for your sake.” Emkay said, subtly reaching for his gun
“You’re threats won’t work. I’m leaving, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me” he opened the door and backed out of it. Emkay reacted by firing several shots at Zoru, however he was prepared and had pulled a cheap violin out of his bag and blocked the shots. Slamming the door shut, he ran and ran as fast as he could. Emkay shook his head, locked the main door and headed into the main room, Mitxela and Atrius had finished their game of chess in an unconventional manner, Atrius shooting Mitxela’s King with his gun, while Reshter had got stuck playing “Color a Dinosaur” so gave up and watched TV instead.
“Uh,” Emkay began “Do you lot realise Zoru just left?”
“Yeah,” they replied in unison
“And you didn’t try and stop him?”
“Depends how to define ‘try’, ‘stop’ and ‘him’.” Atrius replied
“Ugh. So now we’re in danger because any one of our numerous enemies could capture him and get information about us.”
“Oh relax,” Atrius said “If anyone tries to capture Zoru, he’ll just play his violin at them and they’ll get scared off.”
“We have enemies?” Reshter asked, shocked
“Ah well, suppose I should tell you what me and Solarrain found out”
Just then Annie burst through the door, knocking Emkay over. Thiamine followed timidly
“So,” Annie began “What did we miss?”
“Not me, you twat,” Emkay replied rubbing the back of his head
“Well, you shouldn’t stand in front of a door then, should you?”
“Aaaanyway,” Mitxela said “Zoru’s left the K-Team despite our pathetic attempts to persuade him otherwise, and Emkay was about to tell us what he and Solarrain had discovered. Then you hit him with the door.”
“So, what did you and Solarrain find out?” Annie asked as Emkay picked himself up
“Well, it’s a short story…” he began


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